Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Bridge the gap between standard public cloud services and your in-house data centre with a cloud platform that provides performance and the security of dedicated infrastructure.


Connect and grow your business with Private Cloud


Connect and grow your business with Private Cloud

Many businesses are looking to achieve the economic benefits of moving their enterprise workloads into the cloud, but where compliance and data sovereignty are key issues you may be reluctant to commit to public cloud platforms.

Our Private Cloud bridges the gap between standard public cloud services and your in-house data centres, to provide a dedicated cloud platform with the performance and security you need.

Private Cloud Benefits

We source, build and manage enterprise-class hosted servers through a dedicated infrastructure tailored to your specific security and performance needs,

Keep your infrastructure secure

Private Cloud hosting on a dedicated server may be required by compliance, regulatory or security factors. Our dedicated UK server hosting achieves this while delivering the technical and economic benefits of a cloud server platform.

Reduce IT costs

We make use of investments across multiple services and data centres to offer you the benefits of economy of scale. Reduce your IT costs by converting CapEx in OpEx.

Free your IT teams

We'll perform basic but critical tasks such as backups, patching, OS hardening, hypervisor updates and hardware repairs to let your IT staff focus on projects that add value to your business.

Support legacy applications

Avoid costly and disruptive application changes through a virtual private cloud server environment that supports your core business applications, while providing the performance and high-availability benefits of cloud.

High availability

Our Private Cloud hosting has high availability engineered at platform level. It will survive hardware failures that would bring a traditional platform to a stop. Pulsant Private Cloud offers a high-availability guaranteed.

Why Pulsant?


Why Pulsant?

  • Our people Our teams are pro-active and impartial – if a solution doesn’t fit your business needs, we will help you tailor a solution that does.
  • Our innovation We partner with our customers on the cutting edge of technical development to take advantage of emerging IT trends.
  • Our availability Your business data needs to be available at any time and in any way. That’s why we offer guaranteed availability SLAs along with multiple options for disaster recovery.
  • Our security Your business will be protected through state-of-the-art multi-tiered and managed security in our ISO 27001 and CSA Star accredited UK-based data centres.

Explore Pulsant Private Cloud

Explore Pulsant Private Cloud

We work with you to quantify the platform design principles and performance requirements, designing and building the servers to your specification.

Success story

All of the Pulsant team are very approachable. It’s easy to log tickets with them so there’s no jumping through hoops. We literally just fire off an email and it goes into the system. From there on it is tracked backwards and forwards on email and an online portal. This gives us visibility into the current state and health of all of our systems.
James Corrigan , IT Manager

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