Introducing platformEDGE™

The UK's next generation platform for enterprises, ISV's and service providers wanting to reach the edge.


Why Edge?

New opportunities within reach today.

Edge computing benefits

Improved Performance. Processing data and applications on edge devices, results in faster response times and improved user experience.

Reduced Network Demand. Edge computing reduces the amount of data that needs to be transmitted over the network, helping to reduce the cost of data transmission and alleviate network congestion.

Increased Security. Processing data at the edge makes it less likely to be intercepted or exposed to potential security threats.

Greater Scalability. Edge computing allows applications to expand or shrink according to the demand, making it easier to scale up or down as needed.

Next generation applications and data workloads need a platform that enable the potential IoT, 5G, ML and ID4 can open up. platformEDGE™ delivers a single, integated, infrastructure solution that can connect your business from edge-to-core-to-cloud, across the UK and beyond. 

Orchestrated Accessibility

High speed, secure deployment for efficient operation from edge-to-core-to-cloud.

Assets secured in the right location to maintain uninterrupted performance.

Transactional Agility

High quality user experiences driven by lower latency applications performance improvements.

Make data, applications and workloads instantly available to the business in every location, all the time.

Ecosystem Choice

High diversity of partners, suppliers and vendors ensuring cost effective operations without lock-in.

Multiple options to choose from under one roof, helps reduce complexity.

Local, regional and global reach without the hassle of multiple complex service relationships.



A network of 12 strategically located and interconnected edge data centres that span the UK, connected by high-speed 100Gbps Zayo fibre.

By colocating in a Pulsant edge data centre, organisations can deploy infrastructure as close as possible to the network edge and enable data to be processed close to edge devices and connected to global clouds.




Edge-ready cloud services enable enterprises and service providers to adopt and deploy distributed multi-cloud and hybrid architecture strategies.

With Pulsant cloudEDGE, organisations can provision workloads where they're best suited to achieve maximum benefit. Monitor deployments, and manage cost and performance through single pane of glass with highly automated, high-speed deployment capabilities.

Whether it's access to global clouds, private cloud services, multi-cloud orchestrations hybrid infrastructure Pulsant cloudEDGE gives organisations the ability to extend their potential  to the edge in a way best suited to their unique business needs.



Flexible, on-demand inter and intra data centre connectivity services, resilient, low latency access to clouds, peering and SD-WAN providers.

connectEDGE  has three core components which are:

1.Core Connect - the edge network fabric between Pulsant’s edge data centres.

2.Customer Connect - the connectivity from Pulsant’s edge data centres to clients and edge devices.

3.Cloud Connect – the connectivity to public and private cloud services and third party data centres globally.

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