Introducing platformEDGE™

Introducing platformEDGE™

The UK's edge infrastructure platform for enterprises, Internet Software Vendors and service providers looking to reach the edge.


A new world of opportunity

New technologies and innovations like 5G, machine learning and the Internet of Things are creating opportunities for businesses to develop new products, reach new markets and reimagine their operations.

platformEDGE™ helps UK businesses capitalise on this opportunity.


It’s a single, integrated solution that brings colocation, connectivity and distributed compute capabilities together so users can apply edge computing to achieve their business goals.


What is edge computing?

Edge computing is a distributed approach to computing that brings processing and data storage capabilities closer to the location where they’re needed. So instead of hosting these resources in a distant data centre, a business uses an edge server or even user devices. 

By closing the gap between server and user, businesses can reduce latency – the time it takes for a data packet to travel from one place to another. And with no delay in data transmission and processing, it becomes much easier to improve application performance.

platformEDGE™ benefits at a glance
  • Simplifying Access To The Edge. Reach the edge across UK using our single platform combining regional data centres, distributed compute and low latency connectivity.
  • Unlock New Value and New Markets. Deploy new applications rapidly at scale, improve customer experience with resilient high performance connectivity and accelerate time to value.
  • Be Ready For Growth. Manage cloud and back-haul data transit costs whilst improving security and compliance with localised compute connected to global resources.

How does platformEDGE™ work?

Edge computing depends on three things: strategically-located servers, access to computing resources and a high-speed network that brings everything together.

With platformEDGE, businesses can access all three through just one solution.

One platform, bringing the edge closer to you


Regional Data Centres

12 interconnected edge data centres that span the UK, securely connected by a private 100Gbps fibre network. Businesses can colocate in these facilities to deploy infrastructure at the network edge.

Key features:

  • High-speed deployment
  • Specialist edge hardware designed to manage high data loads
  • On-site support and services
  • Vendor management: we proactively engage software providers to ensure their products get the best from our hardware

Distributed Compute

Distributed compute that brings computation and data storage closer to the sources of data. Moving compute to the edge can help improve application performance, reduce data transit charges and provide a way of controlling public cloud cost expansion.

Key features:

  • Predictable and trackable cloud costs
  • Improved data residency and compliance
  • Lower back haul data transit costs
  • Automated deployments of workloads at national scale
  • Hyperscale cloud orchestration

Low Latency Connectivity

Low latency connectivity
Flexible, on-demand inter and intra-data centre connectivity services, plus resilient, low-latency access to cloud, peering and SD-WAN providers.

This solution has three core components:

  • Core Connect: The network fabric that interconnects Pulsant’s edge data centres.
  • Customer Connect: Connectivity between Pulsant’s edge data centres, clients and edge devices.
  • Cloud Connect: Connectivity to public and private cloud services and third party data centres on a global scale.

Key features:

  • Access to over 1500 connectivity partners, Internet Exchanges and global networks.
  • Connectivity into Megaport global SDN platform
  • 1/10/100 Gbps connection options with flexible usage scalable bandwidth availability.
  • IP transit and wavelength services.
  • On site hands and eyes management

Why Pulsant?

Our edge infrastructure platform is used by businesses across the UK to build, connect and deploy the hybrid workloads they need to reach their digital goals and drive competitive advantage.
A unique nationwide presence

We're the only IT provider in the UK with 12 strategically-located, regional data centres. And our network is growing all the time.

Wholly-owned data centres

Unlike our competitors, we own our data centres which means we can guarantee performance, security and resilience.

Invaluable connections

We have direct connections with Megaport and connectivity hubs in Edinburgh (St Gyle), London (Telehouse) and Manchester (William’s House), which means we can transmit data to every corner of the UK and beyond.

We’re local
We have teams on the ground at our data centres and proactively build close relationships with local councils and businesses. We’re committed to contributing to local economies and creating local jobs.
Flexible pricing
We offer scalable pricing for businesses expecting fluctuations in user/data volume and fixed pricing for businesses that are confident of their usage and want to avoid ‘Bill shock’.
Edge experience
We have demonstrable experience supporting smart cities and delivering edge use cases like video analytics. Our tried-and-tested blueprints help us reduce time to deploy.

Connect to the edge

Connect to the edge

Our integrated platform reaches 95% of UK businesses through our strategically located data centres on the edge network of all major UK cities. Get secure, fast, and controlled access to data, where and when you need it.

Success Stories

“With an exponential increase in data generation, latency-sensitive applications, connected devices, and remote users, modern businesses are required to meet some strenuous digital standards in their given markets – particularly in regions where connectivity isn’t as accessible.

platformEDGE empowers local, national, and international businesses to do so. Businesses can now streamline operations and introduce new products by processing critical workloads and applications at the edge, reducing latency and improving user experiences. The strategic placement of Pulsant's platform guarantees UK customers the flexibility they need to deliver services, with exceptional speed and responsiveness.

The combined power of platformEDGE and Megaport's global Network as a Service platform unlocks new levels of agility and scalability for both hybrid and multicloud workloads. Customers can stay ahead of the competition and thrive in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

 Mike Jauncey Channel Director UK & Ireland, Megaport

"Co-locating in Pulsant’s South London data centre has allowed us to launch the world’s first web-based VR cloud gaming platform. Our servers are located 20 minutes from our core market and Pulsant’s super-low latency network enables us to deliver a smooth and lag-free experience to customers. ."

Arvindhan PA, Founder of OutReal
"High-performance, low-latency and scalable connectivity has arrived for businesses across the UK; The combination of Pulsant data centres and Zayo fibre equips regional businesses everywhere with dependable, lightning-quick connectivity needed to make an impact at scale, unlocking edge computing for trailblazers all across the country."

Michael Katz VP Product & Technology, Zayo

A top 100 edge computing company to watch

A top 100 edge computing company to watch

We've been named as one of 100 edge computing companies to watch in 2023 by leading research and consulting firm, STL Partners.


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