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Protect your business, minimise risk. With a managed email security solution your business and your users are protected

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No need for investment in your own infrastructure, you can reduce costs and free up your IT team and resources.

Email Security

Minimise your business risk

In today’s corporate environment, email is a core business function. But it is also one of the biggest security risks. With Pulsant’s Email Security service your organisation can protect itself and users from malicious threats.

Pulsant offers email and web security solutions that prevent web-based threats from infecting your network by blocking email, malware and spyware including 100% of all known viruses. We ensure that all email and web content (including PDFs and media files) are free from any malicious code before it is delivered to users.

A managed security solution

Pulsant’s Email Security Services are provided as a cloud-based solution, which means our customers don’t need to run any infrastructure of their own. All maintenance of the platform, resiliency features, configuration and connectivity are handled underneath a simple per user consumption model.

This means organisations need only concentrate on ensuring each individual user is protected as and when required and requires no capex investment, staff or skills to use the service.

As part of the service, Pulsant continuously ensures that performance is optimal, which includes applying updates from the technology vendors, optimisation of configurations and tuning of the infrastructure.

Predictable monthly costs

With no need for investment in your own infrastructure, you can reduce costs and free up your IT team and resources.

Optimised resources

As a managed solution, you can rely on the Pulsant team to maintain the service while your in-house resources are free to focus on your business.

High performance

We ensure your email security solution is always updated, patched and optimised for best performance.

Email protection

Our filtering services ensure all emails delivered to your users are legitimate and safe, with unsafe emails quarantined.

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