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Secure your business. Ensure compliance. All at the speed of the cloud. Cloud Protect has you covered

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Powered by industry-leading Armor Anywhere, the solution combines advanced technology with industry-certified security and compliance experts.

Cloud Protect

Your reputation, your business, your data, secure and compliant

Deployed in just minutes, Cloud Protect is a cloud-delivered full-stack security and compliance solution. It provides host-based intrusion detection, malware protection, vulnerability scanning, log management, file integrity monitoring, threat hunting and 24/7/365 threat monitoring and response supported by Pulsant support teams.

Cloud Protect helps organisations accelerate speed-to-protection and compliance across workloads in the cloud, in on-premise and in hybrid IT environments, unifying visibility and control while reducing complexity for IT and security teams.

Powered by industry-leading Armor Anywhere, the solution combines advanced technology with a team of industry-certified security and compliance experts working around the clock to keep your data safe and secure, and your environment compliant.

Cloud Protect can be used as part of your management programme to help reduce the risk of security breaches and meet requirements found in regulatory and industry compliance standards, at a fraction of the cost compared to employing an equivalent dedicated team.

Sophisticated attackers, sophisticated solution

In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, the need for hands-on 24/7/365 security awareness is growing. You need a comprehensive threat management solution that has been designed to meet your needs while countering a shifting cyber threat environment.

We’ve partnered with industry leader Armor to bring you solutions that will keep your data secure and ensure your environment — whether in the cloud, on-premise or a combination of the two — remains compliant.

Cloud Protect encompasses advanced capabilities including threat prevention, detection, hunting and response to put your organisation on a proactive security and compliance footing.

It also includes a user-friendly web portal where you can access all the data you need to understand and manage your security concerns.

24 x 7 x 365 threat monitoring

We identify, analyse, triage and both escalate and respond to security issues, going beyond what traditional managed security providers offer.


Cloud Protect fulfils the requirements of all major IT security certifications, helping you comply with a wide range of regulatory mandates (PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO 27001, GLBA, GDPR).

Extend your security team

Backed by Armor’s security experts and advanced threat prevention and response platform, Cloud Protect actively monitors and responds to threats, freeing up your IT team to pursue other initiatives while maintaining expert resources on-demand.

Unified coverage

Cloud Protect offers a single solution, visible through a single pane of glass, that can be deployed across all of your platforms, from your premises, to Pulsant datacentres, to third-party datacentres, to public cloud services.

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