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Our consultative service provides design, deployment, management, support, and optimisation of private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud solutions.
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Ready for the next generation of edge-ready cloud?

A true hybrid cloud service, integrating both private and public environments through one cloud management platform

Why Pulsant

Get an understanding of our Pulsant Cloud solution and see our approach to connect your business to its digital potential


Pro-active and honest staff at your support


Your business protected in our UK-based data centres


90% network coverage across the UK


All solutions are designed for growth

Our connected ecosystem

Our comprehensive portfolio ensures the right solution for you whether on-premise, off-premise or as a hybrid.

All connected by one of the fastest networks to ensure the highest performing data centres anywhere in the UK.

We manage our own cloud services along with public cloud services, offering a hybrid and multi-cloud model that provides tailored solutions that include:

Our partnership with Megaport connects your business to a multi-cloud ecosystem so you can benefit from fast data on a secure, high capacity network with low latency across and out of the UK

Pulsant Cloud Solutions

Pulsant Enterprise Cloud

Our multi-tenanted enterprise cloud (PEC) combines the economic benefits of a public cloud with the security and guaranteed performance you would expect from a fully managed dedicated platform.

Pulsant Enterprise Cloud

A fully managed shared platform helping you reap the benefits of the public cloud from our secure and private UK data centres.

  • Scalable and secure
  • High availability SLA
  • Fully managed by our in-house team

Private Cloud

Private Cloud is ideal for those in heavily regulated industries or with bespoke computing environments not suited to a shared platform.

Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud platforms bridge the gap between public cloud services and your in-house data centres to provide bespoke performance and security.

  • Managed cloud platform
  • 100% dedicated to you
  • Build on dedicated hardware


Cloud Desktop

A cloud-based virtual desktop allowing cloud hosted applications and infrastructure are accessed in a consistent format from any device, anywhere.

Cloud Storage

A shared storage hosted in our secure data centres providing high-performance, scalable virtual disk storage. Consume storage flexibly, including linear scaling, short term requirements and performance bursting, paying for only the capacity you need.

Dedicated Server

We source, host and deploy your own dedicated server as an alternative platform to cloud servers.

Hyper Scale Public Cloud

Public cloud services compliment our portfolio helping deliver hybrid cloud capabilities that enable clients to benefit from the best of both Pulsant cloud and public cloud.

Pulsant Managed AWS

We design, set-up, deploy, manage and support your AWS resources.

Pulsant Managed Azure

We design, set-up, deploy, manage and support your Azure resources.

Pulsant Azure

We act as administrators for your Azure account freeing up your team to concentrate on the rest.

Azure Stack

Hosted on dedicated hardware in our private data centres to meet compliance and benefit from hybrid cloud


Managed Office 365

Get the best use out of your subscription. Delegate management, administration, and support overheads to our experts.

Our Cloud Services

Managed Services

We design and deliver managed services to remove the headache of day-to-day management and bring added value to your service.

Managed Server

Essential servers managed by our highly experienced engineers.

  • Servers and OS function at their peak
  • Kept patched and secure
  • Any issues are dealt with

Managed Database

A managed server optimised for database use. Installed, managed, and supporting the database application.

Professional Services

Benefit from our 30 years of experience backed by vendor accreditations, industry best practice, commercial insight, partnerships, and professional standards.

Migration Services

We produce and execute bespoke migration plans for IT workloads to the cloud. Ensuring that you achieve the full benefits of your chosen cloud platform.

Cloud Workload & Cost Assessment

Conducted against your existing IT workloads to identify the most suitable cloud service for those workloads, along with an initial cost estimate.

Speak to one of our cloud experts today to get your business connected to its potential
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