Published 12 Dec 2019

What is Private Cloud?

By, Pulsant

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Private cloud refers to a cloud solution dedicated for use by a single organisation. The data centre resources may be located on-premise or operated by a third-party vendor off-site. The compute resources are isolated and delivered via a secure private network, and not shared with other customers and is customisable to meet the unique business and security needs of the organisation.

With greater visibility and control into the infrastructure, organisations can operate compliance-sensitive IT workloads without compromising on the security and performance previously only achieved with dedicated on-premise data centres.

The advantages of private cloud include:

  • Dedicated and secure environments that cannot be accessed by other organisations.
  • Compliance to stringent regulations as organisations can run protocols, configurations and measures to customise security based on unique workload requirements.
  • High scalability and efficiency to meet unpredictable demands without compromising on security and performance.
  • High Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance and efficiency.
  • Flexibility to transform the infrastructure based on the changing business and IT needs of the organisation.

Suitable choice for:

  • Highly regulated industries and government agencies.
  • Technology companies that require strong control and security over their IT workloads and the underlying infrastructure.
  • Large enterprises that require advanced data centre technologies to operate efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Organisations that can afford to invest in high performance and availability technologies.


  • Expensive solution with a relatively high total cost of ownership as compared to public cloud alternatives for short-term use cases.
  • Mobile users may have limited access to the private cloud considering the high security measures in place.
  • The infrastructure may not offer high scalability to meet unpredictable demands if the data centre is limited to on-premise computing resources.