Business Continuity

In a competitive and fast-changing market no organisation can afford downtime. With new technologies and the right guidance, business continuity is no longer a challenge, but an effective, easily managed approach.

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For a business to be totally resilient to disruptions it needs to implement a business continuity plan at a strategic level.

Business continuity, disaster recovery and backup

Downtime of any kind impacts your reputation, your customers and your bottom line. At Pulsant, we understand the importance of business continuity, disaster recovery and backup. We help you design, implement and maintain the right strategies to help your business cope with disaster, disruption and downtime.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Simple and reliable disaster recovery solutions for your systems and data.
    By leveraging our virtual and physical disaster recovery solutions, organisations can achieve enterprise class service levels and total peace of mind that their systems and data can be recovered and accessed quickly in the event of a disaster.

  • Datacentre Failover

    Stay connected and keep your IT running with our resilience solutions delivered by our datacentre network.

    Whether your primary IT is hosted with Pulsant or on-premises, our failover capabilities mean you can automate the failover to a secondary site for minimum downtime and elimination of business disruption.

  • Workplace Recovery

    In the event your staff can’t access your physical offices, Pulsant provides a fully-managed workspace with all the essentials for your business to operate that can be ready to with a moment’s notice.

    With a Pulsant workplace recovery solution, you can minimise the risk of unexpected downtime at an affordable and predictable monthly cost

Certainty in an uncertain world

For a business to be totally resilient to disruptions it needs to implement a business continuity plan at a strategic level.

This evolving plan needs to be adopted throughout the business and championed from the top down.

Your organisation will benefit from our business continuity, disaster recovery, backup and workplace recovery solutions — all designed to ensure your business remains resilient, your data is always available and your critical systems are not at risk.

Reduced costs

A designed, pre-arranged plan can reduce the cost of the restoring your business.

Competitive advantage

Beat competitors and attract new customers by demonstrating a commitment to the continuation of your business.

Continued production

Keep customer deliver on track and meet deadlines by planning around disruptions.

Safety of operational data

With off-site backups of your critical data, you will prevent it from being at risk of damage or loss.


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