Published 11 Sep 2019

Pulsant delivers complete peace of mind to Scottish Building Society

By, Pulsant

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Scottish Building Society is Scotland’s only independent building society. With its headquarters based in Edinburgh, the firm employs 80 staff and operates 6 branches across the country.

Scottish Building Society designs and delivers savings and mortgage products to its customers across the region. As a financial institution, security and resilience are key in meeting regulatory compliance and ensuring banking customers receive the best possible service. The organisation needed a new workplace recovery provider to ensure continuity of service to its six branches across Scotland to mitigate the risk of lost business or revenue and reputational damage in the event of a disruption. In addition, the organisation also wanted to ensure its production servers were housed in a secure location to avoid downtime and guarantee business continuity.

Pulsant solution
Pulsant supplied a 40-seat workplace recovery solution, complete with virtualised private network, to Scottish Building Society, working with the financial institution to tailor the service based on its requirements. Pulsant also provided a colocation service based out of one if its secure, enterprise-class data centres, hosting the building society’s production servers.

Scottish Building Society has peace of mind that its missioncritical servers are safe in a well-maintained, resilient and highly secure data centre. In addition, the financial institution has complete assurance that in the event of a disaster its core staff can quickly and effectively relocate to Pulsant’s workplace recovery site within four hours, ensuring minimal disruption to branches and customers.