Published 9 Mar 2021

Why a consistent experience is critical in a dispersed working environment

By, Roger Waterhouse, Cloud Product Manager

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An aim of organisations across industries during the remote working era has been to ensure that their employees can provide the same level of output and consistent quality of work that was previously possible in the office. Research by Mercer found that 94% of 800 employers reported the same or higher level of productivity than before the pandemic, even with employees working remotely. While this evidence shows that employees can successfully make the shift, the responsibility sits with the employer to ensure that the tools are available to enable this productivity.

Employee expectations

Younger people entering the workforce today are increasingly unlikely to remember a time where others were not instantly reachable, creating certain expectations that employers should provide the right communications technology, whether in or out of the office. Employees are now expecting a consistent desktop performance and true accessibility, regardless of the device used and where they are based.

But for in-house IT teams, it isn’t always so simple to provide this experience. Ensuring that desktops are fully up to date can be a time-consuming and costly challenge, in addition to the user support and ongoing maintenance of servers and storage that needs to be provided. This management of hardware and software compatibility can prove overwhelming, leading to difficulties with prioritising IT fixes and leading to inconsistent employee experiences.

 Traditional VDI solutions

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a technology that has been available for some time and allows a managed desktop solution to be provided to employees. Legacy VDI solutions are however fraught with issues, such as being incompatible with applications and delivering a slow and inconsistent user experience via a lookalike operating system.

While VDI has come along way in recent years, such as modern cloud-based solutions, it still requires the specialist knowledge and resources of an in-house IT team to ensure it is fully consistent and readily available for each employee. With this in mind, how can businesses best utilise a VDI solution to provide that all-important employee experience on a consistent basis? Pulsant Cloud Desktop is the modern VDI that can address these challenges.

 Enabling consistency

In leveraging trusted Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops technology, Pulsant Cloud Desktop performs all processing in the data centre, ensuring a consistent level of performance for every user, even in the case of a low-spec or outdated device. Users also benefit from use of native Windows 10 and single sign-on capabilities, ensuring that they can access their work tools quickly and efficiently.

Looking at the case of commercial law firm Teacher Stern, the organisation required a new IT infrastructure to replace its ageing solution, and worked closely with Pulsant to integrate a remote desktop solution that was delivered via Pulsant Enterprise Cloud. The enhanced connectivity that resulted from the arrangement allowed fee earners quick uninterrupted access to systems and applications from any device.