Published 15 Apr 2014

Supporting the arts at Edinburgh International Festival

By, Pulsant

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The Edinburgh International Festival’s annual galvanisation of Scotland has become renowned across the globe. Drawing artistic talent from a wide array of cultures and countries, the month-long festival transforms the city into a hotbed of colour and life.

For 7 years, Pulsant has stood beside the organisers of the festival providing IT solutions and services to help meet the demands of an ever-evolving event, and the expectations of an ever-evolving public.

With so much to do and see, the thousands of buzzing festival-goers use the official website ( as their guide. The website supplies them with information during the festival on everything from the city itself, to performance schedules and details, to accommodation and transport links.

Perhaps the website’s most important function however, is as the gateway to the ticketing system. The ticket sales begin in March, seeing a massive surge in traffic with more and more sales taking place online. With this comes the need for, above all else, a system that is able to scale and meet demand without sacrificing stability and speed.

With the redesign and redevelopment of both the website and ticketing system in 2013, these systems were required to work together to meet new challenges thrown at them by the changing digital landscape. The growing demand on these new systems called on Pulsant to deliver cloud architecture that was faster and more reliable than ever.

The new system was moved onto Pulsant’s more complete, enterprise cloud solution. The enterprise cloud offers a more efficient and scalable service, able to quickly and efficiently react to increased demand at peak load times by making more efficient use of server hardware.

The website today provides a much more accessible experience for visitors, featuring a new media library showcasing content for both current and past events.
As the festival grows and the demand on the system constantly changes and adapts, it’s vital to have a platform that can meet these new developments head-on.
The team at Pulsant will continue to support the EIF, helping the organisation meet the changing needs of the festival with reliable, efficient and practical solutions.