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Business Benefits of Colocation

While many start-ups and small businesses operate entirely in the cloud, there are those who still have IT equipment they need to house. Whether it’s a handful of servers in the corner of the office or a large estate of hardware, these systems are often integral. That means the environment in which they’re housed needs to be secure, reliable and managed by experts.

From air conditioning systems to power distribution, networking to power backup, there is a lot that goes into housing IT equipment. All of this requires significant levels of capital investment and on-going operating expense. The latter of which increases sharply when those systems become large or business-critical. For many organisations, housing their own IT is simply not cost-effective. The answer, then, is colocation.

Colocation involves housing your IT hardware in a purpose-built data centre owned and operated by a trusted partner, such as Pulsant. With our colocation service, you simply move your equipment into our data centre. This removes the need, expense and risk of housing the infrastructure on your premises.

Colocation is more cost-effective

Rather than allotting a significant long-term capital investment to running an in-house data centre, we will provide you with:

• Power
• Cooling
• Space
• Humidity control
• Physical security
• On-going maintenance

We house multiple customers in the same facility. This means you benefit from high service levels at a reduced overall operational cost. As your IT needs grow, your Pulsant data centre footprint can scale accordingly.

Managing and maintaining data centres is part of our core business. We have been running several large data centres and providing high-quality colocation services to our customers for many years. Pulsant’s colocation facilities are ‘move-in ready’, pre-built and pre-configured for the rapid installation of your hardware. Our colocation is simple to buy and on-board. It’s also billed as a monthly service.

We also offer several service tiers to suit your specific needs. This includes a variable footprint ranging from part of a single rack to a secure private suite housing multiple racks.

Colocation is more reliable

Cost efficiency is only one business benefit of colocation. The other key benefit is improved reliability. Power outages and loss of network connectivity are major disruptors to IT operations. And in business-critical or customer-facing IT systems, any downtime could result in the loss of business or reputation.
While there are steps you can take to limit downtime for systems on your premises, these are limited in a non-dedicated environment like an ordinary office. By contrast, our data centres are designed from the ground up to offer:

• Multiple redundant cooling systems.
• Power feeds backed up by high-capacity.
• Enterprise-class uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems.
• On-site back-up generators.
• Multiple network connections that take services from several telecommunications carriers to minimise the risk of communication outages.

We own and manage the entire environment that houses your servers – all the way down to the basic components. This provides us with clear visibility of any issue affecting your colocated servers and speeds up resolution times

Benefits of physical data security

Pulsant’s ISO 27001 accreditation for IT security covers all of our data centres. This means your systems will be protected by multiple levels of access control, internal/external CCTV, steel perimeter fencing, on-site staff, and more.

We offer a range of optional services to support your colocated IT. Although your engineers will have full access to your equipment, our expert data centre staff can perform many maintenance tasks for you. We call this “remote hands”, where our engineers carry out essential maintenance, repairs, or upgrades to your colocated equipment.
Our colocation services are complemented by a flexible and cost-effective range of network connectivity services. These keep you and your customers connected to your colocated IT.

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