Technology is enabling new approaches to old (IT) problems...

Effective Business Continuity planning was always a challenge on a number of fronts, not least of which was demonstrating the benefits. Business Continuity then is a form of insurance which, ideally, should be demonstrably appropriate, effective and cost-effective…

Cloud technology, in all its forms – private, supplier and public, is enabling a new generation of Business Continuity solutions and plans.

It provides the mechanism and tools to plan, manage and test Business Continuity plans, comprising disaster recovery along-side data back-up and recovery, as an integration solution for an organisation. This makes it effective, cheaper and, critically much easier to test and validate, with less impact on the normal day-to-day running of the business.

However to get the most from this new approach, you need to think differently about your Business Continuity planning and work with a supplier who has the skills, tools and range of delivery platforms to take advantage of all benefits of the new world Business Continuity solutions.

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Cloud Backup

giving you UK-based cloud backup assurance for your business-critical data

Professional Services

providing a structured approach to designing, implementing and validating IT continuity

Cloud Technology

enabling a new generation of agile, cost-effective solutions

Disaster Recovery

ensuring predictable Business Continuity in the event of an outage

Some of our Accreditations

ISO 27001 – Information Security Management ISO 9001 – Quality Management CSA Star Certification

Our Technology Partners

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner HP CloudAgile Partner Cisco Partner

Business Continuity for the New World

New World...

Pulsant is at the heart of new
Business Continuity planning...

...with approaches for virtualised, and mixed sourcing routes (covering private, supplier and public cloud hosted environments).

Importantly we have the platforms and public cloud linkage to provide the widest choice of configurations to address the mid-market and within that, individual customers’ risk profiles and business outcomes. Pulsant’s service scales to cover both individual workloads and data, through to complete business IT services, without the high levels of redundancy and cost associated with ‘old world’ Disaster Recovery solutions. So with the benefit of Cloud, now is a great time for your organisation to ‘think differently’ and pro-actively re-evaluate your continuity planning for your IT services and your business-critical data.

Rethinking Business Continuity with the Cloud

At Pulsant, we see many of our customers moving to more cloud-enabled technology environments, removing the limits and barriers imposed by legacy IT systems and practices. One of the areas we see as central to strengthening an effective hybrid hosting solution, is through Business Continuity and disaster recovery.

Cloud has enabled the creation of many new technologies that make disaster recovery a simple and resilient solution to minimising IT service disruption. The key is understanding how to best plan, structure, consume and validate your disaster recovery service, for better cost-effectiveness and service delivery.

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Business Continuity Whitepaper

Disaster Recovery

We tailor and craft Disaster Recovery solutions to meet your business continuity and DR requirements, for peace of mind in any eventuality. Enterprise class capabilities for even the most mission critical workloads.


Cloud Backup

Ensure your cloud environments are backed up and highly resilient with Pulsant’s Cloud Backup solution. Giving you choice and control over when, how and where your backup is delivered and stored, Pulsant’s Cloud Backup conforms with all important data security and compliance frameworks.


Cloud Services

Comprehensive cloud services, built and tested on Pulsant’s blueprint for the cloud. Delivering choice, flexibility and scalability using our secure cloud platform.


Professional Services

Complementing our technology solutions, Pulsant’s Professional Services deliver IT service design, change and transformation using our methodology for technology optimisation.


Managed Hosting

We’ve been supplying managed hosting solutions to our clients for 20 years and have the technical expertise to design, manage and support our customers’ infrastructure and applications, allowing them to concentrate on running their business.



Our ten (UK) datacentres make us the UK’s leading regional colocation hosting provider. With 20 years of experience, we lead the way in efficiency, resilience and continuity. Our colocation services are underpinned by our 10Gb data network capacity and ISO 27001 security accreditation.


Risk Management

Highly secure, extremely robust, incredibly reliable.

Case Study

Robust and resilient hosting

Supporting the arts by providing cloud

We were looking for a reliable provider of connectivity services and the most robust and secure Disaster Recovery (DR) site.

Andrew Ralston
Director Of Information Services & Security

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How We Deliver

Your Business Continuity Solution

Optimised solution-combinations, created to deliver against your specific business needs, with the right levels of security, agility, performance and cost effectiveness.

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How We Engage

Continual technology optimisation

Consult & Create

We listen to your business needs, creating unlimited business solutions from technology that enables unlimited business potential.

Integrate & Activate

Our migration services can help you move from your legacy systems to a new Pulsant solution, in the simplest and quickest way possible.

Support & Evolve

We follow a tried and tested methodology to ensure minimum risk to you, constantly evolving your operations, driving Business Unlimited.

Continual technology optimisation
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