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The entire service, which combines multiple technologies, is wrapped into one single SLA.

DDoS Protect

Monitor, mitigate, protect

As part of our security portfolio — Pulsant Protect — our
bespoke technology offering DDoS Protection is aimed specifically at mitigation.

Pulsant DDoS Protect brings together multiple systems from acknowledged industry experts that are designed to minimise and mitigate the impact and disruption you may experience during a DDoS attack.

These services include network monitoring, automation, threat intelligence, traffic pattern analysis, and behavioural analysis that work together with our expertise and experience to deliver a fast, automated and reactive DDoS Mitigation and Protection service.

Evolving threats, ongoing protection

From the periphery of our core network, to identifying a DDoS attack and re-directing legitimate traffic to your site so that your business can continue to function, DDoS Protect is continuously updated to ensure it addresses the most current DDoS threats, but also that it meets the needs of your business and incorporates intelligence gleaned from dealing with previous attacks.

As a complementary solution to your existing security programme, DDoS Protect comprises three key elements:

Monitor – assess your DDoS readiness
Mitigate – minimise the impact of a potential DDoS attack
Protect – adapt and evolve your DDoS protection strategy

The entire service, which combines multiple technologies, is wrapped into one single SLA and managed entirely by Pulsant.

Cost to quality balance

Through our partnerships with security vendors we are able to deliver significant cost savings to our customers which would not be achievable directly.

Rapid response

DDoS Protect responds quickly to potential DDoS attacks, achieving time to discovery, and time to mitigate in just seconds.

IP level mitigation

This is the most effective DDoS protection available on the market, protecting IP directly. Our mitigation protects customer public IPs no matter how many domains or services are connected to it.

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