Managed Security

Managed Security

Security is inherent in everything we do, from all physical elements around our sites, to mitigating the risk of cyber attacks and keeping our network and data safe.

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We have a finger on the pulse of the cyber threat landscape and have the knowledge to help you meet your security requirements and protect your organisation.

Security, dependability, stability — delivered by a team of experts

The cyber threat landscape is evolving drastically and your business needs the necessary tools and expertise to protect itself and your customers. Managed security services (MSS) ensures that you have those resources and skills at your disposal — we focus on your security and protecting your mission critical data so that you can focus on meeting your business objectives.

  • Pulsant Protect

    When you choose Pulsant Protect, we’ll find the best way to complement your existing cyber security expertise and resources, creating a tailored package that meets your challenges and works your way.

  • Cloud Protect

    Cloud Protect is a full-stack managed security and compliance solution that provides vulnerability and configuration assessment, log management, network intrusion detection and out-of-band web application protection 24/7 threat monitoring supported by Pulsant Support teams.

    Threat monitoring leverages active analytics and intelligence including security analyst teams to identify, analyse, triage, and escalate security incidents, providing high-quality notifications with the necessary context to effectively respond with proactive remediation actions.

  • DDoS Protect

    Protect your business and your bottom line with this bespoke DDoS solution from Pulsant. Bringing together multiple systems from industry experts, as well as our own IP, we minimise the impact and disruption of an attack, enabling you to continue operating.

    We also help you mitigate the risk presented by DDoS and safeguard your brand.

  • Surface Protect

    Challenge your business with deliberate cyber security tests aimed at your infrastructure and applications, your people and processes by deliberate, scoped and scheduled cyber-attacks in order to identify any weak points in order to address them.

    Surface Protect is a highly specialised, labour-intensive operation that must be carried out an independent and certified expert.

  • Cyber Security Essentials

    Having the right IT risk management framework in place can go a long way towards protecting your business from cyber threats.

    We can help you achieve accreditation for Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, the IASME Standard and IASME Gold Standard through our comprehensive assessment services designed to make compliance achievable.

  • Email Protect

    Our comprehensive email security solution has been designed to block email-borne attacks, while also providing the extra features needed to ensure business continuity.

Bolster your security with the right partner

Security requires a team effort, as well as industry expertise and the right technologies. By working with the right partner you’ll get access to the skills and tools you need to boost your security levels and capabilities.

Pulsant has what you need to make security work. We stay on top of current technology trends, have a finger on the pulse of the cyber threat landscape and have the knowledge to help you meet your security requirements and protect your organisation.

Dedicated Security Team

You will have access to a team of security professionals with high-level expertise to augment your internal skills and resources.

Minimise Risk

Our combination of expertise, IT consultancy and expert technology ensures that you can mitigate the risk of cyber attacks and non-compliance.

Proactive 24/7 Monitoring

Your business, network and systems are constantly monitored by our experts. This means you can stay ahead of threats and get on with running your business.


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