Published 24 Jan 2023

Freedom and control: reunite your workforce

By, Pulsant

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Covid-19 has necessitated the inevitable shift to remote working; something which is likely to become one of the permanent legacies of the global pandemic. However, with a dispersed workforce it is a challenge to maintain the same levels of security, standardisation and control that you may be used to in an office environment.

As an IT leader, you need to free your remote workforce and provide a scalable, secure, and flexible environment, while ensuring your data remains secure. And all without increasing IT management overheads, adding complexity and retaining control. So where should you start?

We’ve pulled together a short guide to help you combine the freedom of remote working with enterprise level control and capitalise on the benefits of a remote workforce. The guide will help you:

• Understand the risks a dispersed workforce poses
• Explain how you can turn risk into opportunity
• Discuss the role of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in supporting a remote workforce
• Help you decide if VDI is right for you