Published 5 Nov 2020

Four steps to resolving the IT Paradox

By, Pulsant

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IT teams across the UK are facing a common struggle. With innovation becoming increasingly vital to helping businesses move forward and compete, IT teams are being pulled in two directions – driving innovation and taking care of the business in an operational capacity.

This dual purpose is having a negative effect on IT personnel and businesses. For IT people, the paradox can lead to stress, anxiety and even burnout. In turn, this can lead to feelings of demotivation and even the need to take time out from the business. For businesses, it can mean dwindling productive output from the IT team, less reactivity to solving everyday IT issues and slower progress in innovation projects. So what should organisations do?

Download our checklist to understand how you can restore the right balance in your IT department, reducing strain on the team and helping to push your business forward. The checklist outlines the four steps organisations should follow including:

  • - Align IT to business strategy and objectives
  • - Re-configure your team and skills needed
  • - Apply the right technology
  • - Keep learning and evolving