Published 14 Jun 2021

Top UK Managed Services Provider improves business resilience for its customers

By, Pulsant

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IDE, a managed IT services provider, has been partnered with Pulsant for almost 15 years. The company hosts approximately 30 of its own customers in the Maidenhead data centre and these were situated in an old single-fed power environment in some areas. IDE needed to upgrade all single feeds onto a new infrastructure and offer true B feeds, which would give IDE’s customers greater peace of mind and enhance IDE’s resilience credentials.

Pulsant solution
Pulsant upgraded all single feeds onto a new infrastructure to offer true B feeds in the Maidenhead facility. This meant each of the footprints could have dual independent power feeds that would significantly reduce the chances of power outage as well as migrating the existing feed to new infrastructure.

The improved resilience of the data centre has helped IDE to accommodate the market’s changing requirements as more customers switch to colocation services. The upgrade has resulted in approximately 300 racks with within the Maidenhead facility benefiting from the improved resilience as well as further sales of rack space.