Published 24 Nov 2023

Pulsant’s platformEDGE™ delivers 85% cost savings for LinkPool crypto ecosystem

By, Pulsant

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LinkPool, a smart contract infrastructure provider, faced the challenge of bridging the gap between data sources and cryptocurrency contracts. Smart contracts require real-time data to function effectively, and ensuring 100% uptime was crucial. Moreover, as the business grew, it encountered scalability issues and rising costs with existing infrastructure providers.

Pulsant solution
To address these challenges, LinkPool chose to partner with Pulsant. By colocating in Pulsant's Rotherham and Milton Keynes data centres, LinkPool gained the flexibility to design a tailored, powerful, cost-effective, and highly scalable technology suite.

The Rotherham data centre allowed for rapid infrastructure deployment and hands-on oversight. Additionally, Pulsant's high-speed intra-data centre network facilitated the launch of a second production environment in Milton Keynes, enhancing network resiliency and uptime assurance.

In less than a year, LinkPool witnessed significant improvements. The critical infrastructure's performance, including memory, CPU, and disk, surpassed that of the previous cloud provider. The cost savings were substantial, reaching up to 85%, primarily due to predictable pricing.

Pulsant's support services were a game-changer. The ability to engage with knowledgeable experts allowed LinkPool to resolve issues and receive answers promptly, a significant improvement over their previous provider's slower response times.

We aim to support the UK’s most ambitious and brightest businesses in accelerating forward and capitalising on their digital potential. LinkPool is one such business. The company started as a bedroom project and is now the leading Chainlink service provider with a large pool of clients.

As Jonathan Huxtable, Founder of LinkPool, said himself, “The sky’s the limit”.

We’re excited to follow Jonathan and the team on the next step of this journey.

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