Published 27 Jan 2021

Edenhouse efficiency boosted and uptime guaranteed through Pulsant Enterprise Cloud (PEC) solution

By, Pulsant

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Edenhouse sought to improve its IT network capacity and operational efficiency in order to future proof its business
and support its long-term growth strategies. The organisation needed to find somewhere to host its SAP (System Applications Products) infrastructure with a network solution that would keep its applications and data safe.

Pulsant solution
Edenhouse engaged Pulsant to host, manage and maintain its cloud environment on the Pulsant Enterprise Cloud (PEC) and provide it with a managed MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network, managed security, inter-office connectivity, data centre connectivity, internet access and connectivity to its customers.

Edenhouse customers are now benefiting from an improved experience due to the company’s optimised data environments which ensure consistency and 24/7 uptime.