Published 10 Feb 2022

Pulsant Pledges to Reach Net Zero by 2050

By, Helen Munro, Head of Environment & Sustainability

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“As the UK’s hybrid cloud specialist we are already helping clients reduce their environmental impact by ensuring the most efficient use of their technology infrastructure. I am really proud that this pledge to shift to Net Zero takes us, and our clients, to the next stage on this vital journey.” – Rob Coupland, CEO, Pulsant

Pulsant is promising to achieve Net Zero by 2050, and earlier, if possible. We are already taking action to halve our emissions by 2030 and are connecting with our partners, suppliers, and our people to support this pledge.

I’ve been really pleased at the positive response from our people at Pulsant who are already coming up with creative ways to achieve this goal. There are a lot of different ways to measure emissions and move towards Net Zero. After closely evaluating the available frameworks, we have chosen the Science Based Targets initiatives’ (SBTi) Net Zero Standard which covers all emissions. We believe this offers the most robust and credible approach while also setting us a tough but achievable challenge as a business.

Our first target is to halve emissions against 2019 levels by 2030, before driving them down to less than 10 percent, or as close to zero, as possible. If some processes prove impossible to decarbonise completely then we will use carbon removal schemes to make up the difference.

We have already worked with a third party to validate reporting methodology for Scope 1 and 2 emissions – covering company facilities, vehicles and purchased energy. We are still maturing the methodologies to measure our material Scope 3 emissions – indirect upstream and downstream emissions – which are the result of our business activities but are beyond our direct control. This would include carbon released as a result of services we buy or use, how our waste is dealt with, and how we deal with and dispose of end-of-life equipment.

While we are working hard to cut data centre power use and other emissions, we are committed to maintain our use of 100% renewable energy, and we support low-carbon sustainable development projects to offset our direct impact, we also recognise that this is not a journey we can make on our own.

To make the pledge work we will need the help of all the connections we make as a business – our people , our suppliers and, of course, our clients – to support us. This is where we want to go as a company and where our clients want to go too.
That, in turn, will allow Pulsant to be a measurable part of other organisations’ decarbonisation strategies.

We intend to be as open as possible about our successes, as well as the remaining challenges. With this in mind, we will keep everyone informed every step of the way.

Find out more about out pledge to reach Net Zero by 2050.