Published 1 Nov 2022

Pulsant launches PulsantFlex to simplify digital transformation

By, Pulsant

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PulsantFlex provides the agility to move workloads between colocation and cloud at a time that suits enterprises and organisations, freeing them from the cost and complexity associated with new contracts

UK-based digital edge infrastructure provider Pulsant today unveils PulsantFlex – a new solution designed to make digital transformation far simpler, less costly and more flexible.

The new PulsantFlex solution enables organisations to migrate into the cloud whenever is convenient to meet the new requirements of hybrid work patterns, distributed IT or the deployment of new applications and business models.

Designed with simplicity in mind, PulsantFlex makes it easy to move applications from colocation environments into the Pulsant Cloud. Organisations gain the flexibility they need to prepare for the advances of edge computing and the growth of Software-as-a-Service applications, processing data close to where it is generated.

Businesses also benefit from access to hybrid environments. Applications that are unsuitable for cloud deployment for security reasons can be hosted with colocation, while others can be based in Pulsant Cloud for scalability. This gives organisations the opportunity to undertake digital transformation strategies at a pace that suits them.

Delivered through a single contract, PulsantFlex eliminates the complexities of multiple contracts and billing entities as organisations adopt new applications or services. Within the contract envelope, organisations can focus on successful IT transformation without the distraction of setting up new contracts for transitional requirements.

Daniel Blackwell, Product Manager – Networks & Security, Pulsant, says: “The cloud gives modern businesses the capabilities, the flexibility and the agility they need, but the journey can be complex and difficult to navigate. We have designed PulsantFlex so organisations can move applications and workloads where they work best without all the cost or contractual hassles that make flexibility an unwitting victim of digital transformation. PulsantFlex provides the agility enterprises need now and for the exciting future of edge computing.”

PulsantFlex is a solution that enables organisations to obtain the agility and cost-efficiency of Pulsant’s next-generation cloud services even though they may have complex IT infrastructure that includes legacy applications ill-suited to the major cloud-providers.

Removing the risk of cost-creep whenever new technologies are adopted, PulsantFlex frees businesses to concentrate on fulfilling their digital ambitions without the rigidity of conventional contracts. Clients can fix costs for the term of their PulsantFlex contract, removing uncertainty about project duration and timescales.

With PulsantFlex, enterprises and organisations will obtain:

  • A solution delivered through a single contract that ensures predictable expenditure throughout the digital transformation journey
  • Simplified management – dealing with just one billing entity without the complexities of signing up new providers and suppliers
  • The ability to move workloads without having to seek a new contract
  • Flexibility to move from colocation into Pulsant Cloud or vice versa
  • One interface for management of workloads in the public cloud and Pulsant, providing greater transparency and efficiency

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