How are UK businesses taking advantage of Edge computing?

Edge computing is quickly gaining popularity with innovative UK businesses who are finding new ways of creating efficiency and reaching their customers. We have created a series of mini use case videos to showcase how businesses are using Edge, helping inspire you to find your opportunity for Edge.

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Grow your business even in uncertain times with these 5 simple steps

The opportunities for Edge are limitless…

Edge Computing overview

AR, IoT, ML, VR and AI all rely on low latency and a reliable, secure connection. That is why we’ve invested in our Edge computing network and have been recognised as the UK’s leading Edge provider. We’re determined to help guide our customers to find their Edge. Watch our short series of Edge Use Case explainers and see where Edge could make a difference to your business.


The possibilities of Edge are endless. Here are a few examples of how we are seeing customers take advantage of the Edge:


By utilising smart cameras and video analytics, retailers are creating more competitive supply chains whilst better consumer prediction, helps retailers with more lucrative promotions.


Drones can be utilised to help improve the efficiency and security of operations at ports. Particularly relevant with recent global supply chain issues. For data security and low latency processing of large data volumes a local Edge data centre is ideal.


The UK’s ambition is to be an early adopter and leader in Smart City development. From sustainability to Free Ports and Levelling Up, cities are developing ambitious projects where Edge computing can help reduce costs and improve efficiency whilst opening up significant opportunities for local businesses.


Maintenance inspections using drones to monitor high risk sites such as chemical, oil and gas production and storage facilities generate large quantities of hi-resolution image data. Edge data centres can keep the data secure whilst reducing transit costs.


Entertainment, gaming and e-sports continues to be one of the fastest growing markets in the UK and is expected to grow even faster with mobile VR gaming made possible by Edge data centres and 5G.


Video analytics is improving customer experience, security and efficiency in successful airport operations. Edge data centres can provide secure, low latency solution for these current and future applications.

Discover how edge computing can help your business grow

Grow your business even in uncertain times with these 5 simple steps

Why platformEDGE™?

Next generation applications and data workloads need a scalable, secure, and high-perfoming platform to enable the potential IoT, 5G, ML and AI. Our platformEDGE™ delivers a single, integated, infrastructure that connects your business from edge-to-core-to-cloud, across the UK and beyond.

Improved Performance

Processing data and applications on edge devices, results in faster response times and improved user experience.

Reduced Network Demand

Edge computing reduces the amount of data that needs to be transmitted over the network, helping to reduce the cost of data transmission and alleviate network congestion.

Increased Security

Processing data at the edge makes it less likely to be intercepted or exposed to potential security threats.

Improved Performance

Edge computing allows applications to expand or shrink according to the demand, making it easier to scale up or down as needed.

Benefits of platformEDGE™

Orchestrated Accessibility

  • High speed, secure deployment for efficient operation from edge-to-core-to-cloud.
  • Assets secured in the right location to maintain uninterrupted performance.

Transactional Agility

  • Better user experiences driven by lower latency applications and performance improvements.
  • Makes data, applications and workloads instantly available to the business in every location, all the time.

Ecosystem Choice

  • A diverse choice of partners, suppliers and vendors ensures cost-effective operations without lock-in.
  • Multiple options from a single supplier reduces complexity.
  • A Local, regional and global reach without the hassle of multiple and complex service relationships.
ColoEdge Graphic

A network of 12 strategically located and interconnected edge data centres across the UK, connected by high-speed 100Gbps Zayo fibre.

ColoEdge Graphic

Edge-ready cloud services enable enterprises and service providers to adopt and deploy distributed multi-cloud and hybrid architecture strategies

ColoEdge Graphic

Flexible, on-demand inter and intra data centre connectivity services, resilient, low latency access to clouds, peering and SD-WAN providers.

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