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Customer Connect - cloud made simpler for business

In this hybrid cloud, hybrid IT and multi-cloud environment, how do you ensure that you’re getting the most out of your cloud deployment? How do you ensure you’re maximising your IT spend? It becomes especially difficult when management of your infrastructure portfolio is one of the barriers standing in the way of businesses fully realising the benefits of the hybrid cloud approach.

What are the benefits? Reduced IT costs, enhanced security, improved agility and consistent performance… to name a few.

And how can you make sure your business is realising them?

Through Customer Connect — Pulsant’s management platform, built on a dedicated SDN with fast connectivity and the ability to integrate all your IT services, from public and private cloud, to in-house IT and managed services.

Improve your security, connectivity and performance with Customer Connect. Find out how by downloading our brochure.

Benefits to your business

  • Flexibility - get access to your cloud services through a secure, reliable interface
  • Security - rely on consistent application of security and governance policies across sourcing routes
  • Performance - high-speed internet access for a seamless, efficient experience
  • Capacity - access the compute and storage capability you need, when you need it


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