Find your best fit

How can you assess which infrastructure option is right for you and your business?

colocation vs on-premise

For anyone researching ‘colocation vs on-premise,’ the results soon become repetitive.

Google, AI, and YouTube all return similar material on the pros and cons of each option. Some even include public cloud as a consideration. Yet they all reach exactly the same conclusion: that as a business, you need to figure out what is right for you.

How to determine the best fit for your business

  • What have you already got?

Evaluate your digital infrastructure options carefully, including your investment in hardware, staff, space, and support. 

  • What control do you need?

Control involves managing data, access, and workloads effectively while considering compliance, security, and operational needs.



  • How important is reliability?

Assess the business's tolerance to downtime to understand what level of reliability your business demands. 

  • What are your growth plans?

Business growth plans are crucial and must consider increased data, connectivity, and the potential use of AI and IoT. 

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