Location, Location, Location:

A strategic approach to workload placement for high-growth businesses


Organisations must successfully navigate a complex landscape of placing technology infrastructure in the right place to deliver the maximum impact.

Distance to data and digital infrastructure has become a source of competitive advantage. Leading organisations are now reframing what it means to have a physical presence, moving beyond shared offices to a more refined strategy.

This guide offers a series of practical points to ensure organisations have the right workload managed by the right resources in the right place to yield the biggest impact and growth.

Report highlights

  • Serviced Office Growth:
    The UK serviced office market is expected to grow by 8% annually from 2022 to 2027, attracting businesses seeking cost-effective and scalable workspace solutions.
  • Challenges for High-Growth Companies:
    High-growth businesses face IT scalability, continuity, and security challenges in serviced offices, potentially hindering their growth and efficiency.
  • Infrastructure Cohesion Strategy:
    Adopting a portfolio approach integrating colocation, cloud, and on-premises solutions maximises connectivity, scalability, and security, supporting business growth.

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