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  • Dimensions

    • 5 data halls on 2 floors
    • 17,000 square feet
    • 400 rack capacity


    • Swipe card & PIN for access, with access recorded
    • CCTV with 90-day retention
    • Security fencing
    • Intrusion alarm system
  • Power

    • 6.4 MVA total power provisioning
    • Diverse N+1 power supply
    • 4.4 MVA total UPS provision providing N+1 coverage
    • 4 x 2MVA generators providing N+1 coverage
    • Dual 32A single-phase feed to racks


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  • FAQs

    As part of your G-Cloud offering, are you able to provide managed and unmanaged services?

    Pulsant provides both platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) depending on what you’re looking for and what best suits your requirements.

    Can managed hosting options save my business money?

    Managed hosting is a very cost-effective option. It requires no capital investment from your side, or expensive server maintenance. We charge a fixed operational cost that is agreed in advance so your spend is always predictable.

    View the case study

    Can my organisation effectively protect itself from DDoS with no external help?

    Unless you’re an organisation with the budget, resources, mitigation capacity and expertise, enabling and maintaining your protection will be difficult as the DDoS attack landscape changes very rapidly. The ideal balance is working with your service provider to make sure you’ve got the right cover, in the right places.

    Can I select my own network protocol as part of the Optical Connect service?

    Yes you can. Pulsant doesn’t impose a network protocol so you are able to select your own option.

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