A few things that may affect how accurate your broadband speed are

• Make sure that you are not downloading anything on your computer when you use this test tool, this can affect the average speeds during the test

• Wireless broadband needs to travel through the air, so thick walled buildings and the distance from the router can affect your broadband speed

• Shut down any software that accesses the internet when you use this tool, they can reduce the download readings

• Shutdown any devices which are currently using your wireless or fixed line network when you use this tool, many connections to one single router can affect the download speed

• 3G connections can affect the quality of your broadband connection if you are on the move. It is best to use this tool at a static location

• The busiest times of the day (e.g. 8pm to 10pm) broadband speed can suffer as there could be a large amount of users using the broadband connection

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