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Pulsant can help you innovate to get more for less, become cost-neutral or make better technology investments. We know the difference between passing technology trends and worthwhile investments, and we can advise you of the best technology strategy to suit your business.




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Datacentre Services

Pulsant’s Datacentre Services allow your business to plan and achieve an agile, highly responsive datacentre. Our full suite of Datacentre Services comprise of innovative, structured transformations and assessments, each backed by our extensive experience.


End-User Computing Services

Pulsant’s End-User Computing Service is a practical suite of services focused on empowering your business with the right knowledge, tools, skills and processes to embrace the latest trends in end user technology. Pulsant lets you get on with running your business with the peace of mind that your workforce has access to the right applications, data and computing resources when and where they need it.


Cloud Computing Services

We work with you to evolve an efficient and optimised technology platform, enabling your business to better utilise existing and emerging technologies within the cloud computing arena, improving your user experience, reducing costs and expanding your business capabilities.

  • Datacentre Services
  • Datacentre Strategy
  • Datacentre Transformation
  • Disaster Recovery Service
  • Data Analysis & Strategy
  • End of Life Service
  • Evergreen Service

Datacentre Services

Pulsant has developed a comprehensive portfolio of Datacentre Services that, combined, deliver 360-degree strategies and solutions for clients seeking a sustainable datacentre environment.

The IT in datacentres is at the heart of your business and keeps information flowing to ensure your organisation remains dynamic and competitive.

But, no matter how robust your datacentre capability is, the ever-changing demands of your business can quickly overwhelm the environment and force the urgent reassessment of capacity, strategies and capabilities.

Pulsant's methodology and approach to Datacentre Services ensures that technology decisions are dynamic and aligned with the ever-changing business needs, ensuring that datacentre projects are a success, risks are better understood and mitigated, and that business growth can be accelerated.

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Datacentre Strategy

The datacentre concept has continually evolved and now has started to be transformational.

Formulating a datacentre strategy in the past was relatively straight-forward; a typical datacentre lifecycle was upward of 15 years and largely revolved around power, cooling, rack space, location and network to support the hosted physical systems. Today, the complex technologies that an IT strategy brings, combined with the technologies and business options in the datacentre, make for some complex decisions in the strategic planning of your datacentre.

Our approach is to focus on three core activities that we believe will help you to assemble and create a solid strategy to a sound datacentre:

  • Leverage the knowledge of datacentre trends and technologies to apply to your business
  • Engage all stakeholders and apply appropriate cost modelling
  • Evaluate capacity, cost and capabilities to build an optimised and agile datacentre strategy that can support your business for the long term.

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Datacentre Transformation

Innovation is the lifeblood of the technology industry, and datacentres are no exception.

It’s not enough to build a state-of-the-art datacentre — a datacentre needs to incorporate the capacity for continuous improvement through transformation initiatives. The continuous improvement model is the opposite of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Instead it seeks to harness the datacentre asset and innovate to increase productivity.

Some of the transformation technologies used in datacentres today include server virtualisation, storage virtualisation, replacing mainframes with smaller blade server systems, cloud computing, better capacity planning and using tools for process automation.

Taking a proactive approach means identifying enhancements and implementing change to improve datacentre efficiency, operations and user experience.

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Disaster Recovery Advisory Service

Disaster recovery events can be triggered by acute IT failures or physical scenarios, but in the majority of cases simple human error, impacting an organisation’s ability to run its normal business operations.

If it is not suitably addressed or if there is a lack of provision, these events can result in significant operational, commercial and reputational damage. An effective infrastructure fabric and supporting backup procedure is essential to ensure data retention capability, both as part of the recovery solution but also to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Pulsant has supported client organisations ranging from small start-ups to global financial service enterprises with their disaster recovery strategy. We tailor solutions to match the recovery objectives as each business has different requirements and IT estates to address with their recovery model. We have a structured engagement approach: our ‘discovery & assessment’ process analysing the business structure and operations into a ranked order of critical services and facilities for recovery.

In today’s IT world, having an effective disaster recovery solution in place can be the difference between a business with a bright future and one that closes up shop.

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Data Analysis & Strategy

Developing a coherent data strategy can be a challenge for most organisations.

There is a corporate responsibilty to develop and align a long-term plan of action around data quality with key business objectives, whether this be increasing customer engagements; driving down costs and increasing profitability; speed of access, or reducing risk. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start if you have no way of benchmarking the maturity of your data quality processes.

Actively building a data quality strategy with a view towards data governance is crucial in developing an overall strategy. Pulsant is capable of providing the analysis through its Data Analysis and Strategy proposition. The data analysis provides companies with a complete assessment of their governance maturity for customer and user data, management systems, tools and processes.

Our service benchmarks your processes using a data governance model and provides recommendations to move up to the next level of maturity. The service culminates in the development of a data strategy customised to your organisation’s specific objectives. This service is scalable and can be applied to individual departments, separate business units or to encompass your entire organisation.

End of Life Service

Our expertise in technology and delivery across the spectrum of IT services is underpinned by many years of collective knowledge and experience. We will help take you from: “old to new”, “bad to good”, “hard to easy” and “complex to simple” no matter what your transformation problem.

Pulsant provides a clear path to resolving clients’ complex End of Life (EOL) transformation problems. Pulsant has many approaches and strategies for EOL transformation. Our clients only use the solutions which are important to them and relevant to their challenge.

Our delivery approach caters for any type of EOL scenario, including:

  • Datacentre renewals
  • Applications no longer supported
  • Server operating systems out of support like Windows Server 2003 and soon Windows Server 2008
  • Core services e.g. SQL, Oracle and Citrix
  • Active Directory and security upgrades
  • Hardware and infrastructure from servers, desktops and networking

Evergreen Service

Companies like the idea of using services and applications that are always up‐to‐date or that can change quickly in response to business needs. Companies also seek to have this flexibility while reducing the time and expense required to provide this.

Most companies find this goal difficult to reach using their current systems, technology, and management approaches. As systems have become increasingly complex, the amount of effort and expense needed to maintain them has increased, and the prospect of making changes to them has become daunting. Businesses may have to change their IT strategies and infrastructure to pursue evergreen IT.

It’s not just about subscribing to an evergreen MSP, organisations need to assess the change, review and update operating models and management processes, changing the way the IT interacts with the business and its clients.

Pulsant helps organisations to adopt evergreen to improve business operations and control IT costs. We provide a modular Evergreen Service framework with an approach built on many years of transformation skill and knowledge, providing a robust evergreen methodology that delivers success.

End User Computing Services

To manage the needs of the organisation and the diverse device and work style requirements of end users, many IT departments are evolving their end-user computing strategies.

IT must consider security; data protection; mobility; desktop, application and communications access; and user experience. IT must also address a mix of use cases supporting corporate-owned and bring your own devices (BYOD) with various operating systems on fixed and mobile devices, both on and off premise. Going beyond the traditional desktop (applications and data tethered to an operating system and hardware) means adopting the new “unified workspace”. This new model provides workers with appropriate access to all applications, data, and communications services, liberated from the confines of any single physical device or location.

Pulsant’s End-User Computing Strategy Service is a detailed assessment of an organisation’s computing workspace and business needs. The outcome of the assessment results in a set of structured recommendations centred on improved user experience, value, technology innovation and cost efficiency.

  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Business Cloud Readiness Service

Cloud Computing Services

Businesses are demanding a flexible, highly skilled and effective IT services strategy which delivers change in a controlled way, while maintaining and potentially enhancing productivity and competitive advantage.

Pulsant’s engagements with clients are always outcome based. The Cloud Computing outcomes are:

  • Increased business productivity with the application of cloud innovation
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of your IT service with defined hard and soft cost savings
  • Increased speed to implement IT services delivered to the business
  • Improved understanding and awareness of businesses’ IT composition, from a technical, operational, security and financial viewpoint
  • A discovery catalogue of analysis and intelligence that can be used to drive service enhancement, improvements and deliver cost reduction initiatives
  • Management tools and advisory support to manage your IT cloud compute offering

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Business Cloud Readiness Service

Pulsant’s Business Cloud Readiness Service provides you with a high-level assessment of the current state of your technology environment and its ability to deliver the service portfolio your business needs.

By drawing on the experiences of Pulsant’s world-class technology professionals and by utilising independent industry research, we provide an assessment of business and IT readiness to adopt cloud-based services. Post-assessment, we develop a cohesive cloud adoption strategy offering the maximum business value at the best commercial price points. Adoption of this structured framework approach enables Pulsant to deliver rigour in the decision making process; driving greater governance, improving visibility of cost and risk, and supporting the implementation of the cloud migration strategy.

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