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Our practices are designed to lead technology change, from enterprise-wide solutions to increased efficiency in routine business operations, delivering high value, bespoke outcomes to your business-specific needs.










Architecture Information Design & Execution

Pulsant’s AIDE Practice will help you to address the individual challenges in your technology environment, establishing a pathway to a stable, economic and flexible infrastructure.


Foundation IT Strategy & Service Management

Pulsant’s FIT Practice encompasses the whole ITSM life cycle, assessing all aspects of your IT operations and ensuring that they are utilised in the right way, allowing you to receive the maximum benefits for your business.


IT Programme Intelligence Management & Execution

Pulsant’s PRIME Practice delivers the full suite of Project Management Services, specifically tailored to your business needs. Our specialist team works as an extension of your business, providing you with the high-quality skills needed to analyse, build and implement best practice, whilst expertly executing projects to achieve successful delivery.


Software Licensing & Vendor Manangement

Pulsant’s SoLV Practice provides a range of services focusing on software licensing and asset management. In order to provide such a specialist service, our deeply experienced experts have the rare combination of both technical skills, licensing skills, legal expertise and commercial experience. We deliver both a reactive and proactive set of services and support, it is never too early or too late to come to us for confidential assessments, advice and optimisation strategies.

  • AIDE Practice
  • IT Strategy & Architecture

AIDE Practice

Pulsant’s AIDE practice delivers a high-calibre, specialist IT infrastructure service that is specifically focused on your organisation’s market and characteristics.

Our goal is to help you to address the individual challenges in your technology environment, establishing a pathway to a stable, economic and flexible infrastructure. We deliver this through our market leading experts, qualified technologists experienced in leading, developing and implementing a high level of service.

Pulsant acts as an extension of your own IT management team. Our consultants will partner with you to evolve an efficient and optimised technology platform, while enabling you to leverage emerging technology to improve user experience, reduce cost and expand your business capabilities.

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IT Strategy & Architecture

Our IT Strategy & Architecture service is designed to provide insight into the state of your current IT infrastructure, so you can identify opportunities for added efficiency, business value and growth. To create a beneficial and progressive IT strategy requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of your current IT infrastructure, and IT services such as: IT application strategy and planning; Strategic information systems; IT organisation and processes management; technical infrastructure and IT governance and compliance.

We produce a number of reports and documents for this service, including:

  • Current state architecture analysis report providing a snapshot of the current architecture and recommendations
  • An IT strategy document
  • Technology bricks and vendor roadmap report
  • A high level future state architecture, with an immediate technology roadmap focused on reduction of cost and business enhancements
  • A management presentation outlining the IT strategy and future state architecture with immediate strategic objectives. This presentation can be used to support the justification and submission of funding requirements.

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  • FIT Practice
  • Service Management Maturity Assessment

FIT Practice

At Pulsant we have experienced first-hand the daily operational challenges that your business faces, from the growing complexity of supporting IT systems, to the pressure to better utilise your resources within the ever-increasing demands of governance and compliance. Pulsant’s FIT practice encompasses the whole ITSM life cycle, assessing all aspects of your IT operations and ensuring that they are utilised in the right way, allowing you to receive the maximum benefits for your business. Each of our ITSM Services is delivered by our expert team, qualified technologists experienced in leading, developing and assuring a high level of service, ensuring that from strategy to implementation, we will show you how to continuously improve your service operations.

By engaging Pulsant you can expect to receive the following:

  • Improved service efficiency and capability with the adoption of a consistent approach to handling all faults, queries and requests
  • An understanding of how best to address any process deficiencies that are found in your environment
  • Fewer change-related issues and therefore less ‘fire-fighting’
  • An improved end-user service with measurable increases in customer service, perception and satisfaction due to an increased level of knowledge and support at the first line
  • Increased user confidence through reduced negative impact of change
  • Increased business alignment with an improved understanding of how well the current organisational model fits the current requirements for delivery of IT services
  • Reduced operational risk with an understanding of any significant exposures that exist, particularly with regard to elements of technology, or individual skills or staff members
  • Improved management visibility with accurate and meaningful management information, resulting in the ability to make informed tactical and strategic decisions

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Service Management Maturity Assessment

Pulsant’s Service Management Maturity Service is a rapid, high level assessment of an organisation’s IT service management environment. The assessment compares existing service management resources and collateral alongside industry best practice, tailoring each service to the individual organisation’s needs. The outcome is a balanced and holistic view of organisational maturity, adding value to the business by highlighting opportunities for improvement and focusing on risk reduction, compliance, process and cost efficiency.

  • To enable this, the assessment provides:
  • An assessment of the present service management environment against current and future business needs, inclusive of:
    • An ITIL maturity bench marking analysis
    • Risks and issues associated with the current service
    • Management processes and procedures
    • Gap analysis of ITSM components
  • A structured series of realistic initiatives and recommendations that reduce risk, whilst continually improving process maturity and business service levels
  • Alignment with current and emerging IT, business trends and best practice
  • A roadmap of implementation for the initiatives

  • PMO as a Service
  • PRIME Practice
  • Programme Control Service
  • Programme Delivery Service

PMO as a Service

At Pulsant we are constantly reviewing and researching our service delivery, and have identified that the traditional PMO role is changing.

Our clients are demanding a flexible, cost effective and highly skilled coordination point which delivers change in a controlled way and can provide point-in-time management intelligence.

Pulsant’s PMO service enables you to:

  • Take control of your portfolio activity, mitigate risk, and improve the quality and accuracy of delivery
  • Deliver point in time management information across your project portfolio
  • Optimise the value of the service proposition to your business

Our goal is to provide:

  • Cost reduction and continued cost management through flexible scalable resourcing – we scale expertise up and down in line with your project demands
  • Consistent, continuous and measurable services through our tools, methodologies and processes
  • Ensure successful delivery of projects on time, budget and quality

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PRIME Practice

Our Prime Practice team works as an extension of your business, providing you with the high-quality skills needed to analyse, build and implement best practice, whilst expertly executing projects to achieve successful delivery.

By engaging Pulsant, the outcome will:

  • Allow business management to be confident that their IT departments have the right people, governance and control framework in place to deliver successful projects and programmes
  • Enable the business to focus and prioritise the project portfolio to gain maximum value from the investment spend and ensure the investment is delivering maximum value
  • Deliver to the business the intelligence and tools to manage risk and assess the probability of programme and project failure through a ‘Route to Green’ framework
  • Programme and project management professionals providing management support of the project portfolio, and ongoing assessment of the governance and control framework

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Programme Control Service

By drawing upon Pulsant’s leading technology programme, project control professionals and independent industry research, we provide a ‘Route-to-Green’ roadmap supported by tangible recommendations and actions.

Our service is custom-designed to match your requirements, from a rapid independent maturity assessment to a full review, re-design and operation of your PMO function, we work in partnership with our clients to align IT and business strategy.

We drive better alignment between programme and project delivery and your business strategy; improving the overall effectiveness and accuracy of change activity. Our structured management framework delivers stronger governance, improves visibility and ensures accurate delivery, ultimately driving business value from your portfolio.

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Programme Delivery Service

Industry research has identified that businesses are demanding a flexible, highly skilled and cost effective programme and project management professional service, which delivers change in a controlled manner.

Our service is custom-designed to match your requirements, and our project management experts bring practical experience and depth of insight to help your organisation deliver a successful outcome. We have developed our own delivery framework, with intellectual capital built from independent research, previous client engagements and real-world delivery experience supported by specialist, flexible programme and project management professionals. The service brings together the necessary skills and expertise required to deliver your programme or project, supported by our SaaS project & portfolio management tool.

Our range of competencies include:

  • Project and portfolio management organisation maturity assessment
  • Programme and project governance
  • Route to Green remediation
  • Business case creation, planning, execution and reporting

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  • License Vendor Maturity Assessment
  • SoLV Practice

License Vendor Maturity Assessment

Budget pressures mean that many organisations cannot justify a full time head count to manage software licensing and vendor management; but they are willing to buy the expertise in on an as-needed basis.

This is ever more important as the landscape becomes more complex with the shift away from on-premise perpetual licences to subscription models and cloud-based services. As organisations transition, they will have to contend with a hybrid mix of licensing models and agreements.

Our service is designed to augment your existing capabilities, enabling you to gain visibility and control of your software assets, make informed investment decisions and leverage vendor relationships, in particular during the uncertain period ahead of increasing cloud service adoption.

The output of the service is a thorough understanding of the level of maturity of the current processes and a clear and realistic set of process improvement recommendations focused on increasing control and reducing risk and cost. The service provides end-to-end business advisory that installs rigour, brings clarity and control, and optimises the way your business purchases and manages software.

SoLV Practice

Our specialists draw on a combination of deep technical, commercial and legal knowledge, and business experience, to provide clients with tailored solutions to specific business needs.

Pulsant can provide assistance with a broad range of commercial activities:

Software Management:

  • Licence Positions - understand what you own, what’s in use and your overall compliance position for any vendor.
  • Licence Optimisation - reduce costs by optimising the use of existing licences and ensuring that underlying infrastructure is configured to minimise licence requirements.
  • SAM Tool Selection - understand the pros/cons, and costs, of available products and services to enable you to select the solution that best meets your business and budget requirements.
  • SAM strategy - develop polices, processes and a governance framework to ensure effective software management and maintained licence compliance.
  • Business Case Development - develop a robust business case to justify any investment required to implement any recommendations we’ve made.
  • Audit Support - carefully control information flow and review all data before submission, providing early visibility of legal and commercial risks.

Vendor Management:

  • Due Diligence - ensure that business objectives and requirements are clearly understood, and will be met by the relevant proposal.
  • RFP management - oversight and guidance to ensure that your RFP process is well structured and managed to produce optimal results.
  • Contract Review - understand key commercial and operational terms to provide a clear view of your overall contact commitments, and the number of vendors and agreements within your organisation.
  • Contract Negotiation - identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve commercial and operational terms to maximise the value of any existing or new IT investments.
  • Vendor Management - develop a robust vendor management framework, ensuring maximum value from your vendor relationships and agreements.
  • Benchmarking - manage your strategic suppliers' performance by regularly benchmarking agreements, ensuring competitive pricing and service levels.

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