Pulsant brings over 20 years of experience in delivering IT solutions worldwide.

Our emphasis is on supporting clients to bridge the gap between IT and the business.

We work directly with you to perform needs assessments; project management; design integration, and custom solutions development ensuring you receive unrivalled results. The Pulsant talent pool of experienced professionals have a strong client service culture focused on creating innovative solutions, solving critical problems and maximising your technology investment.

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Our objectives

Developing economic solutions

Simplifying complexity

Successful client IT transformations

Delivering innovation and thought leadership

Our vision

  • Allow clients to unlock the potential of their IT at a business level
  • Add depth and enhanced value across the Pulsant portfolio
  • Simplify and de-risk the adoption of new services for our clients
  • Enable the formation of “Trusted Advisor” relationships with our clients
  • Deliver a comprehensive, value-driven interaction

Our expert cross-technology teams provide you with the access to the right skills to achieve your business and technology goals. Our results-driven approach provides services and solutions to you at an optimum level of quality and productivity whilst ensuring costs are continuously managed.

Our Service Delivery Model

  • Business Advisory Services support executive management by evaluating and managing IT as a business function
  • Professional Services practices comprise specialist services designed to lead technology change, from enterprise-wide solutions to increased efficiency in day-to-day operations
  • Transformation and Innovation Services are designed to address each client’s core business needs.

Our strategy, technology solutions and operations specialists have world-class business, technical and functional skills. Together we have developed our professional objectives and clear vision, delivered through a proven service delivery model.

Transformation & Innovation

As every organisation in the world depends more on software and technology, CIOs and IT professionals can lead business change and growth. Our Transformation and Innovation services are designed to assist companies in developing and executing realistic transformation programmes: enabling the launch of new business capabilities, improving productivity and increasing business value.


Specialist Services

Every IT department has to manage change. Whether it be regulatory, technological or organisational, change has been a part of the industry from the very beginning and its pace is increasing. Our Specialist Services have been created to support the ever more demanding change requirements, focusing not only on the IT priorities but also the business impact.


Business Advisory Services

IT is one of the largest indirect costs in nearly every business. Because those costs are not always directly attributable to the businesses’ outcomes, it’s hard to know whether IT is delivering appropriate value for its investment. Pulsant’s Business Advisory Services have been designed to support IT leaders by utilising fact-based analysis of IT costs by running IT as a business.

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