Managed Load Balancing for efficient performance

Our Managed Load Balancing service ensures that spikes in your business activity don’t impact your business, by intelligently sharing requests between your servers and networking to deliver a balanced, steady service at all times.

By smoothing out demands on your IT, Pulsant’s Managed Load Balancing ensures high performance for your users and clients at all times.

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Benefits of Managed Load Balancing


Making the best use of resources at all times


Ensure traffic uses optimal routes for performance


Distributed workloads for highest uptime


Managing traffic routes and performance spikes

Intelligent workload distribution

Enjoy faster response times as our Managed Load Balancing intelligently shares requests between your IT systems

Our Managed Load Balancing ensures that traffic and requests are always routed in the most efficient way possible, to prevent overload on devices or hardware. This means that your technology can continue operating efficiently and effectively despite sudden increases in performance or demand.

Pulsant use industry leading F5 technology to distribute workloads evenly across compute and networking so that performance isn’t inhibited by demanding requests on the network or server.

Our Managed Load Balancing service configures load balancing technology so that it is tailored to your business activity and IT environment, providing an optimised service at all times so that peaks are troughs in network activity and balanced out. And our monitoring and support services ensure that we detect potential for overload on systems before they occur, so that issues are resolved before they become a problem to your business.

Load balancing key features and performance benefits

Pulsant has the resources and capacity available to create solutions containing multiple servers spread across racks, data halls or even datacentres.

Combining this with the industry-leading load balancing technology enables Pulsant to intelligently distribute load, minimise risk and ensure the greatest level of uptime.

The load balancing service also offers optional feature-rich extended functionality including: application content acceleration, content delivery network caching (which moves content closer to requesting clients such as mobile devices), increased content compression (to enhance application performance and bandwidth optimisation) and additional application encryption services.

  • Load balancing key features and performance benefits
  • Faster response times as the load balancers intelligently share requests between servers
  • Selecting the most appropriate nodes for traffic ensures the optimal use of resources
  • Optimal load distribution for improved application performance
  • Multiple available nodes creates highly resilient solutions, reducing the effects of hardware failure
  • Optional web acceleration and security features available

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Client Feedback


The relationship we have with Pulsant has grown significantly over the last three years to the point where Pulsant is by far the most important partner we have from an IT perspective

Gus Mitchell—ICT manager, Alzheimer Scotland

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