Managed Firewall

Designing, managing and monitoring your firewalls, for continual protection.

Minimising security threats is key for any organisation and our managed firewalls protect your networks and applications through our intrusion detection and prevention technology, delivering the highest levels of protection for your data.

Threats can emerge for any number of sources and require appropriate management to mitigate and eliminate. Our security management framework is integrated throughout each Pulsant element, and delivers a constant level of vigilance, monitoring and management to mitigate these risks.

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24x7x365 enterprise support and service levels


Highest levels of security to protect your network


Partnering with a wide range of networking vendors


Constant intrusion and detection monitoring

Enterprise class firewall technology

Our Managed Firewall service provides powerful firewalling together with high-speed throughput and performance for ultimate security.

Firewall technology comes in many shapes and sizes, ranging from basic filtering services through to advanced security solutions that monitor all aspects of incoming and outgoing data. Our breadth of Managed Firewall services are able to protect organisations of all sizes, from even suspicious data connections that often go unnoticed within standard IT environments.

Using intelligent firewall technology to systematically separate threats from your data, Pulsant partner with several leading firewall vendors to deliver a robust and secure firewall solution to you. We have also had great success delivering highly secure firewall services with the Cisco ASA (Advanced Security Appliance) firewall devices, which provide deep inspection abilities, remote access and site-to-site VPN (Virtual Private Network) capabilities as well as supporting highly-available deployments that are extremely reliable.

Pulsant Managed Firewall services are designed based on your network activity and requirements, with a focus on security zoning needs and performance. As part of the managed service that we deliver, the firewall is delivered to you fully configured and tested whilst the day-to-day maintenance and management activities are owned and supported by Pulsant, all within a comprehensive, enterprise SLA. This leaves you to focus on your business and let Pulsant configure, maintain and support your security remotely.

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Key Features of our enterprise-class solution

Information Security is a mindset as well as a philosophy, which is integrated and optimised throughout all of our solutions. In today's world, your business is your data and companies rely more heavily than ever on being able to operate free from the risk of security threats.

  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Resilience
  • Supported


Our teams continually monitor your environment to detect threats and intrusions at all points, keeping your data and business safe.

  • 24/7 support
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • Threat prevention


Our focus is on delivering the highest levels of security and compliance possible to our customers, for resilient IT operations making our worldwide network one of the most available and secure.

  • Highly accredited
  • ISO27001
  • Compliance & Governance
  • PCI-DSS Certification


We work hard to ensure your networks and firewalls are as resilient as possible - drawing on our recovery and backup tools and disaster recovery capabilities between our global sites.

  • Recovery management
  • Backup capabilities
  • DR between sites
  • Secondary device options


Pulsant's technical teams are on hand 24/7 to support you and work proactively to discover any potential security threats that may affect your technology.

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Device configuration
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Health Checks

Pulsant Elements

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Cloud Backup

Ensure your cloud environments are backed up and highly resilient with Pulsant’s Cloud Backup solution. Giving you choice and control over when, how and where your backup is delivered and stored, Pulsant’s Cloud Backup conforms with all important data security and compliance frameworks.


Managed Hosting

We’ve been supplying managed hosting solutions to our clients for 20 years and have the technical expertise to design, manage and support our customers’ infrastructure and applications, allowing them to concentrate on running their business.


Customer Connect

A revolutionary solution that allows organisations to connect infrastructure and wider cloud services for seamless management and integration. Our cloud networking solution connects on-premise IT with internal and external cloud services for true hybrid delivery.


Client Feedback


The relationship we have with Pulsant has grown significantly over the last three years to the point where Pulsant is by far the most important partner we have from an IT perspective

Gus Mitchell—ICT manager, Alzheimer Scotland

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