Hybrid Solution delivery

As businesses increasingly migrate their IT to the cloud, quick and agile connectivity becomes even more crucial. After all, customers need great connections in order to access their cloud services. We recognise that the right choice of connections, at the right specification, price and service are crucial for our customers when selecting a connectivity partner.

Organisations are starting to integrate more cloud services into their environments and need a connectivity solution that connects each service to their existing IT, to support a hybrid hosting model. Pulsant’s Customer Connect is a customer-centric view of these connections, enabling your business to quickly and efficiently implement new cloud connections, in one consolidated service.

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Benefits of Customer Connect


Fluid connectivity between all services


Access your cloud services with simplicity


Deliver connected hybrid IT services


Access all of your services centrally

Connect multiple cloud services seamlessly

Consume services fluidly from multiple cloud and onsite IT environments through our Customer Connect solution

Many customers now operate hybrid IT environments and require multiple levels of network redundancy and security. We work with our customers to design a connectivity solution that brings together all of their technology services, and connects between them seamlessly for easy management of a sometimes complex hybrid environment.

Pulsant have made significant investments in the latest Software Defined Network (SDN) technologies to enable more fluid and flexible delivery of cloud connectivity to our clients.

Businesses increasingly depend on internet and network connections to deliver services to their customers, therefore you need to be able to connect quickly, simply and easily to all of your technology services (whether that’s in Pulsant’s datacentre, at your own datacentre or with a large Public cloud provider).

Our global reach means that location is not a barrier either – you can connect to providers and datacentres overseas, provisioning services in hours rather than months through Pulsant’s flexible Customer Connect solution.

  • Connected
  • Management
  • Hybrid
  • Availability


Unify all of your cloud services for simple, flexible connectivity between each cloud solution and your internal IT.

  • Hybrid Hosting
  • Fluid connectivity
  • Cloud bursting
  • Increased choice


Combine connections to your different technology solutions centrally for easier management and access.

  • Simple management
  • Centralised
  • Instant access


Be enabled to deliver a true hybrid hosting solution that can burst between infrastructure and hosting.

  • Seamless integration
  • Service flexibility
  • Scalable


Move workloads to the most appropriate location to ensure best availability for your applications.

  • Multiple services
  • Omnipresent IT

Pulsant Elements

More than Managed Networks

Ultra-reliable, flexible, scalable, secure solutions – ‘stand-alone’ or ‘hybrid-combinations’– designed to answer your business-specific needs.











Cloud Services

Comprehensive cloud services, built and tested on Pulsant’s blueprint for the cloud. Delivering choice, flexibility and scalability using our secure cloud platform.



Our ten (UK) datacentres make us the UK’s leading regional colocation hosting provider. With 20 years of experience, we lead the way in efficiency, resilience and continuity. Our colocation services are underpinned by our 10Gb data network capacity and ISO 27001 security accreditation.


Managed Hosting

We’ve been supplying managed hosting solutions to our clients for 20 years and have the technical expertise to design, manage and support our customers’ infrastructure and applications, allowing them to concentrate on running their business.


Managed Applications

We provide managed application services for customers who require a predictable outcome-based service for their common end-user applications. This encapsulates the management of the infrastructure, together with the application layer, presented as a usage-based charging model.


Professional Services

Complementing our technology solutions, Pulsant’s Professional Services deliver IT service design, change and transformation using our methodology for technology optimisation.


Client Feedback


The relationship we have with Pulsant has grown significantly over the last three years to the point where Pulsant is by far the most important partner we have from an IT perspective

Gus Mitchell—ICT manager, Alzheimer Scotland

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