Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Your customers cannot wait – and every extra second that it takes to load a web page, you stand to lose potential new customers. It is not just websites that are affected by slow content delivery; in fact many of today’s software suites and mobile applications are underpinned by web technologies that require constant feeds of content delivered to the user.

This can be a heavy burden on your central infrastructure and very often the content doesn’t reach the customer in time. As a technology service provider with a distributed presence across the world, Pulsant take content that is consumed globally and push it closer to the user.

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Benefits of CDN


Content is distributed globally so that it is always available


Speed up content delivery to users worldwide

Global Reach

Global network of access points - UK, Europe, US & Asia


Optimise your infrastructure for content delivery

Worldwide content delivery capabilities

A global distributed network that enables the speedy delivery of content to your users across the world.

Through a distributed network of many presence points across the globe, your content is sent to the point closest to your user, so that they can receive and consume it faster. This makes your content delivery faster, efficient and significantly improves the user experience.

To provide our advanced content delivery network, Pulsant partners with the leading global communications provider, Level3. Level3 provides the content delivery network product, whilst Pulsant configures and wraps it into a holistic service for you, under one overall contract for ease of management. When integrated into a wider Pulsant hosting solution, our CDN solution allows for the more efficient use of technology and infrastructure, whilst continually improving client satisfaction at all points of contact.

We also offer advanced features around application acceleration to improve customer experience when interacting with your applications and services, and, if you have a global audience, our CDN solution allows for the geographical tailoring of your content, so that it is always optimised and appropriate for the user based on their location. By collecting information and data about how your content is being accessed, you can fine tune your online content so that it is better suited to your customers, wherever they may be in the world.

Content Delivery Networks defined

Delivering your content through a distributed network of servers, to drive performance and speed to your users.

A digital content delivery network is a collection of web servers located in different places around the world. It works by directing users to local servers where content is held. Rather than all the content requests being directed at the primary server, the content requests are shared out between local, distributed servers.

So having a content delivery network in place improves the experience of the visitor because their downloads are taken from a server in close proximity to their own physical location. This removes the risk of slow website performance caused by latency. Having this website capability means that if there is a huge spike in global content requests such as the launch of a new application or media experience, the likelihood of a potential crash is minimised because the load is spread evenly across multiple servers rather than just one.

Pulsant Elements

More than Managed Networks

Ultra-reliable, flexible, scalable, secure solutions – ‘stand-alone’ or ‘hybrid-combinations’– designed to answer your business-specific needs.











Cloud Services

Comprehensive cloud services, built and tested on Pulsant’s blueprint for the cloud. Delivering choice, flexibility and scalability using our secure cloud platform.



Our ten (UK) datacentres make us the UK’s leading regional colocation hosting provider. With 20 years of experience, we lead the way in efficiency, resilience and continuity. Our colocation services are underpinned by our 10Gb data network capacity and ISO 27001 security accreditation.


Managed Hosting

We’ve been supplying managed hosting solutions to our clients for 20 years and have the technical expertise to design, manage and support our customers’ infrastructure and applications, allowing them to concentrate on running their business.


Managed Applications

We provide managed application services for customers who require a predictable outcome-based service for their common end-user applications. This encapsulates the management of the infrastructure, together with the application layer, presented as a usage-based charging model.


Professional Services

Complementing our technology solutions, Pulsant’s Professional Services deliver IT service design, change and transformation using our methodology for technology optimisation.


Client Feedback


The relationship we have with Pulsant has grown significantly over the last three years to the point where Pulsant is by far the most important partner we have from an IT perspective

Gus Mitchell—ICT manager, Alzheimer Scotland

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