Managed Server hosting - from your hardware layer to your OS

We provide managed infrastructure hosting, but why stop there? Instead of your IT teams spending precious time monitoring the operating system instances across your IT, Pulsant can deliver the end to end management of your hardware and associated OS layer for maximum efficiency.

Whether you are hosting virtual or physical servers, our Managed Server solution can deliver optimised OS maintenance so that your teams are freed up to do valuable, innovative activities.

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Enhanced support, above the hw layer

Dedicated options

Dedicated or shared, the choice is yours


24/7 monitoring for issue resolution


Deliver legacy apps via hosting

Some of our Accreditations

ISO 27001 – Information Security Management ISO 9001 – Quality Management The Green Grid Member

Our Technology Partners

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner HP CloudAgile Partner Cisco Partner

Delivering over and above the hardware layer

For added management, monitoring and support across your server estate

With our extensive experience of delivering enterprise hosting at scale, delivering Server and OS as a supported, hosted solution to clients is a simple and straightforward service for Pulsant to deliver. This ensures you mitigate any potential risks within your server estate, and achieve your compliance and security objectives by hosting within one of our 10 accredited UK datacentres.

Our Managed Server hosting solution delivers support over and above the server hardware layer, so that you can be freed from time-consuming hardware and OS centric tasks. With dedicated and shared options available, you can create a hybrid solution that supports both your legacy applications and standardised software suites, for simpler, cohesive management.

Managed Server Features

There are many business benefits to Managed Server from Pulsant

  • Managed
  • Compliant
  • Hybrid


By choosing to host your servers and OS instances with Pulsant, you can rest assured your infrastructure is in the safest hands possible. Our specialist monitoring and support teams proactively review your environment to prevent issues occurring and disrupting business operations.

  • Monitoring
  • 24/7 support
  • Pulsant tech teams


Pulsant work hard to ensure our datacentres, staff, processes and technology are consistently reaching the highest accreditations possible, so that you can attain the necessary compliance accreditations.

  • ISO27001
  • Secure datacentres


Integrate your Managed Server solution with Pulsant's cloud services for a hybrid mix of Pulsant elements - delivering technology flexibility and service scalability. Don't be limited by just one solution - choose from a range of Pulsant elements to craft a tailored and bespoke hybrid solution for your business.

  • Dedicated
  • Wider solution
  • Integration
  • Better business outcomes

    We enable Business Unlimited by creating solutions from technology that
    time and time again deliver against your key business objectives.

    See how we deliver against real business needs.

  • Better Business Outcomes


    Pulsant has provided a solution offering both the flexibility and scalibility we are looking for.


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  • Better Business Outcomes


    Any calls to federated clients are VoIP based and free of charge, so there are also cost savings to be realised.

    Stuart Bingham-Infrastructure Manager AT IntelligentComms

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  • Better Business Outcomes

    Risk Management

    We were looking for a reliable provider of connectivity services and the most robust and secure Disaster Recovery (DR) site.

    Andrew Ralston—Director of Information Services & Security, Wolfson

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  • Better Business Outcomes


    We believe secure systems, responsive and passionate support, and stringent service levels, will continue to ensure we retain 100% client trust & our PCI certification.

    Derek Turnball—Director of Iocea

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  • Better Business Outcomes


    We ensure our datacentres are powered by renewable energy and operate at the highest levels of efficiency.

    FERGUS KENNEDY—Head of Compliance & Information Systems, Pulsant

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  • Better Business Outcomes


    EIF’s needs and outcomes have evolved over the years and by leveraging our experience and understanding of the technology, the solutions continue to meet requirements and yield tangible business outcomes.


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