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Surface Protect - penetration testing

Ongoing protection, high performing infrastructure. Highest levels of confidence in pen tested environments

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Surface Protect is a highly specialised, labour-intensive operation that must be carried out by an independent and certified expert.

Intrusion Detection

Complete confidence in your infrastructure

In today’s fraught cyber threat landscape businesses need to do all they can to ensure they are protected. Pulsant’s Surface Protect solution is a penetration testing service designed to help you to optimise your security strategy.

Challenge your business with deliberate cyber security tests aimed at your infrastructure and applications, your people and processes by deliberate, scoped and scheduled cyber-attacks in order to identify any weak points in order to address them.

Surface Protect is a highly specialised, labour-intensive operation that must be carried out an independent and certified expert.

Secured infrastructure, compliant environment

Pulsant’s Surface Protect service employs a trusted third party to test against infrastructure and services that have been designed and/or managed by Pulsant.

This provides you with independent assurance that Pulsant’s security design and management is fit for purpose and correctly protecting your systems and data.

Independent testing

We commission third-party experts in network security to test your infrastructure, ensuring impartiality and professionalism.


Pulsant’s Penetration Testing Service fully meets the requirements of PCI-DSS and other common regulatory standards.

Bespoke tests

To minimise disruption, tests can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation, testing only what’s needed.

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