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Reduce cyber risk, meet compliance requirements and gain greater visibility across your IT estate

Taking the cyber security threat seriously

Cyber security doesn’t work with a cookie cutter approach. You need a strategy that works for your business, based on your specific needs — enter Pulsant Protect.

Pulsant’s approach includes assessing your security requirements, testing your environment to understand your current security measures, developing a security programme which meets your needs and budget, and then applying this to your systems, people and processes.

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Why work with Pulsant? Why choose Pulsant Protect?

Visibility, security, peace of mind

Working with leading cyber security experts, we’ve developed a suite of products, Pulsant Protect, to secure your entire business against the cyber threat — from your people and your network, to your cloud infrastructure and your applications.


We bring clarity and better visibility to your organisation, making it easier to understand the threat and spot an attack.


Pulsant is your security partner, supporting your teams in protecting your business by using our own expertise and our partner ecosystem.


We help you secure your infrastructure, people and processes

Future focused

We architect for the future, using cloud-based, software-defined, automated and scalable solutions

Pulsant Protect Solutions


Surface Protect

challenges your existing protection to identify any goals and areas to improve on, including your people, processes and technology.

Cloud Protect

simplifies the security of your infrastructure and applications by offering a single solution that can be deployed across all supported platforms.

Internet Protect

is a set of cyber-security elements that protects your business from disruption reputation damage and fraud.

Office Protect

is a set of unified, complete and agile security controls, that encompasses access, email, malware protection, and filtering of content and information.

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We hear horror stories of businesses falling prey to cyber attacks on an almost daily basis, and no business can assume they are safe from the threat.

How do businesses get the most out of their cyber security?

Very often the answer is by ensuring you work with one expert partner to manage the process and help guide you through. In this eBook, we’ve made the case for using one partner to ensure that your business is properly protected.

The cyber threat is real

All businesses are at risk. While there is quite a bit of fearmongering in the media, there is no real need to panic. There are practical steps, processes and solutions that can help you secure your business and mitigate the threat of a cyber attack.

The cyber threat landscape can be daunting

Getting the right security in place is equally challenging. With so many vendors out there and so many solutions to choose from, how do you ensure you’re using the right ones?

Protecting your business from the cyber threat has never been more important

Our security health check tip sheet sets out some practical advice for organisations looking at these three topics with a view to optimising their cyber security strategies.
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Solving the security challenge

There’s the cyber threat itself, there is the ever-increasing sophistication of the attackers, and then there are the hundreds of tools on the market designed to help you.

Your Pulsant Protect questions answered

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