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Low latency connections for seamless connectivity. Pulsant’s Optical Connect services keep your business systems available

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When low latency and high bandwidth are required for high-performance systems, optical fibre is the only answer.

Optical Connect

Business critical connectivity, low latency connections

Choosing the right type of connectivity is crucial to maintaining the efficiency of your business systems. This is why Pulsant has a range of data centre connectivity options available to connect customers to our data centres and connectivity hubs, and will work with you to find the right option that suits your needs.

When low latency and high bandwidth are required for high-performance systems, optical fibre is the only answer. Pulsant’s Optical Connect service provides low latency optical waves for the customer to “light” their desired networking protocol.

Low latency connections for optimum performance

Optical Connect provides an optical wave between Pulsant’s data centres, giving you the best possible results for latency and bandwidth. We impose no networking equipment as part of the service, so the fibre connects directly to the customer’s equipment in the data centre for maximum performance.

Optical wavelength services provide protocol transparency, low latency connections with dedicated optically isolated bandwidth and fully documented diversity between Pulsant’s data centres and points of presence.

Each customer is given a dedicated optical wave on the Pulsant-owned fibre network that connects our data centres with each other and with third-party PoPs (points of presence) for connectivity to the wider internet.

Diversity of routes and simplicity

Pulsant runs diverse fibre routes into most of our data centres.
The optical network is active/active meaning all routes are available all the time, so no failover mechanism is required.

Low latency

We place no networking equipment in the fibre route, which ensures the latency we can offer is the maximum that the fibre can physically support.

High capacity

Pulsant fibre provides a guaranteed 10gbps bandwidth. Your optical wave is dedicated to you, so there is no sharing of bandwidth.

Protocol agnostic

No network protocol is imposed by service so you are free to use an option of your choosing.

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