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Simple and secure virtual working with Pulsant Cloud Desktop

Has this year presented new challenges for your IT department? Remove the risk and complexity associated with managing a dispersed workforce with Pulsant Cloud Desktop, a modern VDI that simplifies deployment, management and security of multiple devices.

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A consistent, cloud-based solution

Managing a remote workforce can create technical challenges for your business. Connections to critical applications can be slow, unsecure, and unstandardised across multiple machines. If this sounds familiar, save your IT department from further headaches by hosting virtual desktops in a Pulsant data centre. We give you faster user access, increased security, and quicker maintenance of multiple devices.

What is Pulsant Cloud Desktop?

The traditional model of desktop computing involves running an expensive, power-hungry machine for every user. Consequently, IT professionals have to visit devices in-person to run basic installations, run patches, and offer support. A modern cloud-based VDI bridges this gap by transferring the processing power from a user’s machine into our secure data centres.

As a result, staff can use multiple devices to access their desktop from almost anywhere in the world. They’ll also achieve faster application launch times, low latency for optimised user experiences, and guaranteed performance thanks to dedicated virtual machines for Windows desktops.

Choose Pulsant Cloud Desktop and we’ll take care of the deployment, configuration, and day-to-day management of your operating system, leaving you free to focus on what matters most — running your business. Explore more reasons to choose Pulsant Cloud Desktop below.

Benefits of Pulsant Cloud Desktop

There are numerous reasons why UK businesses benefit from Pulsant Cloud Desktop, not least because it reduces costs. By putting your users’ desktops in our centralised data centres, we can instantly improve support, access, and continuity — all of which are essential for minimising disruption in compliance-led businesses.


But that’s not all. Your users will also receive a genuine Windows 10 Desktop to work from, a range of virtual machine options, and faster load times thanks to reduced latency. Explore more benefits of Pulsant Cloud Desktop:


  • Better performance and flexibility – Delivering updated desktops without endpoint refresh, along with the operational flexibility to scale up and down the number of users.


  • Greater security and control – Secure by design and with multi-factor authentication through Azure Active Directory, Pulsant Cloud Desktop improves system security, reducing the likelihood of data breaches.


  • Less expenditure – Reduced operational costs. With our modern VDI there is less need for hardware upgrades.


  • Better user experience and productivity – Pulsant Cloud Desktop allows secure, fully flexible working while maintaining industry compliance with a consistent user interface across devices.


  • Continuity – Providing business continuity with immediate and automatic desktop failover, ensuring a seamless transition should the worst happen and enabling users to continue working with minimal loss of service.


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Why Pulsant?

Trusted partner

Pulsant takes care of the deployment, configuration, and day-to-day management of your operating systems. As a result, you’ll get a secure and robust desktop platform for running your business applications.

Bespoke configuration

Configure a desktop environment to your business needs. Connect from the office, at home, a café, or any location with an internet connection.

Improved accessibility

Deploy your virtual desktop any one of our 10 UK data centres. Whichever you choose, expect enterprise-class security protecting your end-users’ digital workspaces.

Trusted to deliver

Moving from a remote desktop setup to a virtual desktop infrastructure was a monumental leap forward in terms of our system stability. With the support of Pulsant, we have been able to enhance performance, improve user experience and increase productivity, all while reducing our operational spend. The team have been great to work with, have excellent technical knowledge, and delivered a great service every step of the way.”

Andy Cecil, IT Programme Manager, Teacher Stern