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Managed Cloud

Delivering the services that run on your cloud infrastructure

A lot more goes into an IT solution than simply provisioning and managing the cloud platform: you also need virtual servers, operating systems, and other services that carry the actual IT workloads, and all of these need to be managed and supported.

Pulsant offers a range of managed services tailored to the requirements of your business, ensuring you get a secure, reliable and high-performing solution.

Our services include:

End User Support Services

Managed Database

Managed Load Balancer

Managed Office 365

Managed Server

Managed Storage System

Managed Web Server

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A complete end-to-end solution designed for you

With our managed services running on our managed cloud solutions, Pulsant can take over the management of your entire IT infrastructure, taking the complexity and pain out of managing your server estate with end-to-end management of the platform and the operating systems layer.

Pulsant can create a hybrid solution that supports both your legacy applications in a Pulsant data centre and your cloud-based workloads, putting them all into a single cohesive management wrapper.

Drive innovation

Improve your speed to market with infrastructure that’s ready to support you.

Improve security

Rely on Pulsant’s multi-layered security to keep your apps and data safe.

Monitoring and reporting

24/7 monitoring and rapid response teams make sure you stay up and running.

Transition towards a hybrid solution

Pulsant’s comprehensive set of data centre and managed cloud services lets us build the best hybrid solution tailored to you.

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