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We deliver end-to-end management of your server hardware and operating system, providing a high-performance, secure, and flexible managed server solution.

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Managed Server benefits

Increase productivity with peace of mind that your servers are running in our secure environment

Enables reliable business – With our extensive experience of delivering enterprise hosting at scale, our server management and support ensures that you can mitigate any potential risks within your server estate and achieve your compliance and security objectives with a server hosted within one of our data centres.

Security of systems and data – A managed server hosted within our secure and accredited data centres makes it easy to safeguard your virtualised server environments from malicious attacks while keeping your servers running at peak performance.

Highly reliable and available IT – Servers are complex and require regular housekeeping. They need specific expertise and software tools, and can be a major drain on in-house IT resources. Our Managed Server solution is the answer.

Tailored server configurations – Your solution can be designed to meet specific requirements that deliver results. Our server infrastructure is designed to balance loads and provide failover protection for critical applications. We manage your servers to the operating system layer.


Our approach to designing and delivering hybrid cloud platforms

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Connect and grow your business with a Managed Server

Whether using physical or virtual servers, our service can deliver optimised maintenance, monitoring and support so that your teams are freed from time-consuming management tasks to do more valuable, innovative activities.

Why Pulsant

Pulsant can help you reset your cloud strategy by assessing your cloud readiness, reviewing workloads, orientating your strategy, and building a tailored cloud roadmap to help you reach your goals


Our teams are pro-active and impartial – if a solution doesn’t fit your business needs, we will help you tailor a solution that does.


Your business will be protected through state-of-the-art multi-tiered and managed security in our ISO 27001 and CSA Star accredited, UK-based data centres.


Your business data needs to be available anytime in any way. That’s why we offer guaranteed availability SLAs along with options for disaster recovery.


We help our clients work on the leading edge of technical development to take advantage of emerging IT trends.

Coverage of UK businesses with our high performance network

All of the Pulsant team are very approachable. It’s easy to log tickets with them so there’s no jumping through hoops. We literally just fire off an email and it goes into the system. From there on it is tracked backwards and forwards on email and an online portal. This gives us visibility into the current state and health of all of our systems.

James Corrigan, IT Manager


Case Study

Read how we implemented PEC across Edenhouse’s
infrastructure and how they’ve benefited

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How we do it

Pulsant offers four levels of service, tailored to meet different needs:

  • Patch & Monitor — Basic server management providing system health monitoring and automated patching only.
  • Managed OS — Server management covering core operating system functions and services including health monitoring and managed patching.
  • Managed Hypervisor — Server management covering hypervisor functions including health monitoring and managed patching.
  • Managed Server with Applications — Server Management covering core operating system functions and services including health monitoring and managed patching, plus installation & configuration of windows role and feature or Linux base/EPEL applications

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