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Your business revolves around data, its movement and its storage, and databases are as fundamental to your business as the networks you use. Given this critical role, a database needs careful management to maintain the reliability you need.

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Managed Database benefits

Pulsant’s Managed Database service ensures that your databases are a resilient, reliable component of your IT infrastructure that can seamlessly scale to meet increasing business needs.

Provides the resources and knowledge you need – Database administration needs a deep and detailed technical knowledge that you may struggle to find in-house, leading to resourcing challenges for IT teams who need to concentrate on other areas of the business.

Pulsant provides the deeper and richer support and knowledge that is demanded for database administration and optimisation. A Pulsant Managed Database solution lets your IT teams focus on developing your applications and providing business IT intelligence back into the organisation.

Supporting business-critical IT – In business-critical IT environments, where any time lost due to downtime is revenue lost, the availability of your databases is paramount.

Pulsant’s expertise allows us to design and manage the optimum infrastructure for your business, and we provide a full, on-going monitoring and management service to keep your business-critical databases operating with maximum availability and minimum downtime.

Full server management - Far from simply managing the database application, Pulsant will manage the underlying server on which the database runs.

Whether you are using physical or virtual servers, our service will deliver an optimised platform and operating system, with full monitoring and support to identify and resolve any underlying issues which may affect the database service.

We offer customised solutions for all purposes. Our server infrastructure is designed to balance loads and provide failover protection for critical applications.


Our approach to designing and delivering hybrid cloud platforms

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Pulsant’s Managed Database service proactively monitors, supports and maintains your critical data. We ensure that your databases are a resilient, reliable component of your IT infrastructure that can seamlessly scale to meet increasing business needs.

We manage the complete database system from the underlying server platform up to the database application layer, and optionally provide additional database administration (DBA) services to manage resiliency features of the database such as clustering and multi-site replication failover.

Why Pulsant

Pulsant can help you reset your cloud strategy by assessing your cloud readiness, assessing workloads, orientating your strategy, and building a tailored cloud roadmap to help you reach your goals


Our teams are pro-active and impartial – if a solution doesn’t fit your business needs, we will help you tailor a solution that does.


Your business will be protected through state-of-the-art multi-tiered and managed security in our ISO 27001 and CSA Star accredited, UK-based data centres.


Your business data needs to be available anytime in any way. That’s why we offer guaranteed availability SLAs along with options for disaster recovery.


We help our clients work on the leading edge of technical development to take advantage of emerging IT trends.

Coverage of UK businesses with our high performance network

Pulsant was the only company that could provide us with exactly what was required

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Pulsant offers two levels of service, tailored to different customer needs:

  • Managed Database — Database infrastructure management and monitoring.
  • Managed Database With DBA — Full database administration, including database infrastructure management and monitoring.

We support the industry leading database technologies Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB and MySQL.

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