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Pulsant Dedicated Server

Pulsant’s Dedicated Server service provides the platform that Pulsant Private Cloud environments run on, or can be used as a more traditional alternative to Cloud services.

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Dedicated Server benefits

Your physical servers are a key element of your IT solutions, and you need to ensure they are suitably managed and maintained.

Business agility – With the need for IT systems always increasing, businesses are finding that they require increasing quantities of servers, storage and networks to hold and run them. As your business scales beyond your own server in the corner of the office, having your server environment taken care of by an expert supplier like Pulsant become your only cost-effective option.

Hardware as an OpEx - Pulsant’s Dedicated Server service provides a fully managed piece of hardware on a subscription basis, eliminating capital-heavy investments in server hardware and replacing them with a recurring operational expense and future-proofing your IT against the need for regular end-of-life replacement.

Improved reliability and availability – It is an unavoidable fact that hardware fails, particularly as it approached end-of-life.

With a Pulsant Dedicated Server, we constantly monitor the health of your servers so that we can understand how the hardware is performing and pick up on failure scenarios before they happen.

Concentrate on adding value to your business – Typically, a business only gains value from the software running on a server rather than the server itself, so any time spent maintaining the hardware is an unwanted distraction.

With our Dedicated Server service, we take on responsibility for server maintenance, coordinating with on-site staff or vendors and performing the required work to ensure that the hardware platform remains working and reliable, so that you can concentrate on maximising its business value.


Our approach to designing and delivering hybrid cloud platforms

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Connect and grow your business with our Dedicated Server

Pulsant offer a Dedicated Server service as either a fully hosted solution from one of our own UK data centres or as an on-premise service where you host the physical equipment in your own facility.

Why Pulsant

Our dedicated hosting solutions are supported by the UK’s largest enterprise data centre network and feature comprehensive SLAs and 24/7 support to keep your business running.


Our teams are pro-active and impartial – if a solution doesn’t fit your business needs, we will help you tailor a solution that does.


Your business will be protected through state-of-the-art multi-tiered and managed security in our ISO 27001 and CSA Star accredited, UK-based data centres.


Your business data needs to be available anytime in any way. That’s why we offer guaranteed availability SLAs along with options for disaster recovery.


We help our clients work on the leading edge of technical development to take advantage of emerging IT trends.

Coverage of UK businesses with our high performance network

Pulsant was the only company that could provide us with exactly what was required

Neil Innes, Chief Technology Officer


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How we do it

Pulsant uses a core toolkit of quality server chassis and component options to provide a vast range of possible configurations, to give you flexibility with the highest level of on-site support possible.

We offer either standard or bespoke configurations, to ensure that your servers’ capabilities match the need you have for them.

We can host your server in one of our own 10 UK-based data centres, where we can guarantee the suitability and security of the environment and provide hardware fixes, or you can host the server in your own premises where we will use the hardware vendor’s own on-site support to service the hardware.

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