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Microsoft Azure Stack services

Our expertise with Microsoft Azure best practices, and understanding of Cloud services, allows us to guide you on adoption, migration, and on-going use of the Azure platform

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As a Microsoft cloud solution provider (CSP) it is our job to provide you with a deep level of support for your Microsoft services.

Managed Azure Stack

Seamlessly extend the power of public Azure back into the private data centre

Azure Stack from Microsoft provides an environment that is consistent with the Azure Public Cloud but runs on hardware hosted in a private data centre. Pulsant hosts and manages the Azure Stack hardware within our secure, accredited, UK-based data centres, with a fully engineered, supported, packaged cloud service that offers the same portal, API, and management experience as Azure Public Cloud — allowing a consistent approach and skillset to be leveraged across platforms and locations.

With Pulsant Azure Stack you get:

Microsoft Azure within Pulsant’s private data centres overcoming latency and regulatory barriers to cloud adoption

True hybrid cloud, fully consistent with Azure public cloud enabling use of infrastructure as code for consistent deployment

Scalability across Azure and Azure Stack

The ability to consume Azure IaaS and PaaS services from a secure platform hosted in our own data centres

Extremely secure environment based on the Assumed Breach protocol

Pulsant work closely with Microsoft and Dell to fully manage the Azure Stack platform

Support from our UK-based helpdesk via telephone, email, or customer portal, backed up by our technical support teams

Expert consultancy services; 24/7 support is available if required

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Your essential first step to optimise future business performance

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Bring value to your business with a hybrid cloud solution from Pulsant

If you are looking to take advantage of public cloud but are not yet ready or able to move all services, Pulsant Azure Stack can provide a bridge between existing systems and a cloud-native environment. Azure Stack is pre-installed on a hardware appliance which can be deployed into a Pulsant data centre or your own data centre if preferred.

Your business will enjoy consistent modern application development, faster deployment to market, full control over data and compliance, increased productivity even in disconnected scenarios, and better decision making through powerful analytics tools.

This enables your applications to smoothly span both public and on-premises cloud environments, allowing for data sovereignty while delivering all cloud efficiencies such as pay-as-you-use pricing and easy scalability, and managing everything seamlessly through a single interface.

Monitoring and reporting

24/7 monitoring and rapid response teams make sure your Stack stays up and running.

Reduced costs

Move away from CAPEX and the costs of setting up and maintaining your own data centre.

Drive innovation

Improve your speed to market with infrastructure that’s ready to support you.

Improve security

Rely on Pulsant’s multi-layered security to keep your apps and data safe.

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