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Boosting Business Continuity

Maintaining uptime and recovering from disruption quickly and effectively is critical to the health of your organisation. We believe business continuity is so important that it deserves an integrated approach. This is why we provide multiple services to give you a complete end-to-end business continuity solution.

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Put business continuity at the heart of your IT planning.

End-to-end business continuity

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, any unplanned downtime can impact heavily on your service delivery, reputation and bottom line. Keeping your organisation running and maintaining service levels is critical to success but to do this, you need to put business continuity at the heart of your IT planning.

The Pulsant approach

At Pulsant, we see business continuity as a synergistic approach — a combination of reliable backup services, cyber security, workplace and disaster recovery. All designed to ensure your business remains available, secure and able to serve your customers.

Many IT service providers will one or two of these elements. We believe business continuity is so important that we provide a complete end-to-end solution supported by our proven track record, industry experience and consistent levels of service excellence.

A comprehensive suite of services to suit all your business continuity needs


Safely host your business-critical servers, systems and applications in one of our 10 enterprise-class datacentres.

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Secure your data and IT infrastructure by working with a trusted partner like Pulsant.

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Enjoy flexibility, security and scalability by relying on our cloud services for backup and disaster recovery activities.

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Use our cloud-based or physical backups to boost your business resilience and availability.

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Disaster recovery

Ensure your critical systems and data can be recovered in the event of disruption or disaster with our DR services.

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Workplace recovery

Rely on our workplace recovery service to help your business operate when you can’t access your physical premises or critical systems.

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The benefits of business continuity

  • Hosting and Infrastructure

    Reliability is crucial. The best way to ensure continuity of service is to have a stable platform that is secure, robust, reliable, and offers a high degree of uptime for your business-critical IT systems.

    At Pulsant, we take care of your hosting environment, from power and cooling, to networking and connectivity. We have a network of 10 state-of-the-art data centres, managed and maintained by our in-house experts, delivering colocation, cloud and managed hosting options. This is our core business, something we’ve been doing well for nearly three decades.

    Our Scottish credentials

    Our South Gyle data centre site is the largest in Scotland and offers exceptional security, reliability and connectivity for mission-critical IT. It’s carrier neutral, with 29 telecommunications carriers and ISPs, and is one of the most connected, commercially available data centres outside the M25.

    South Gyle features:

    • 14 separate data halls
    • 65,000 square feet
    • Space for almost 1,000 racks

    Our Edinburgh Newbridge and Medway data centres are purpose-built to the same high specification and offer enterprise-class security, reliability, and connectivity. They provide excellent opportunities for redundancy or as standalone sites.

    The location, capability and capacity of these three sites make us your ideal partner for all your business continuity planning needs.

  • Workplace Recovery

    Our workplace recovery (WPR) service enables you to mitigate the risk of a number issues that can affect your business. From not being able to physically access your premises as the result of fire, flood or weather event, to a loss of power, disruption to connectivity or cyber attack.

    We maintain business continuity suites at workplace recovery sites in Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as northern England, providing fully equipped desktop, network and telephony services.

    Through both syndicated and dedicated subscription models, our WPR service provides an essential component of an organisation’s business continuity plan delivered under a commercially compelling offer.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Our disaster recovery services provide a straightforward and cost-effective way of protecting your business-critical applications. They can support a wide range of environments, operating systems and applications, which helps reduce the complexity and cost of monitoring.

    Our solutions are used by many companies across the public and private sectors, and are based on proven best-in-class technologies. They require minimum input from your IT team to implement and support, enabling you to keep focus on your business-as-usual tasks.

    We also offer disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), an easily integrated, simply controlled, low-risk solution, with low maintenance costs and high efficiency.

  • Data Security

    A cyber attack or data breach represents a massive threat to the continuity of business IT services.

    A deliberate DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack will take your systems out of action as effectively as a fire or flood in your data centre. When dealing with sensitive customer data, you need to consider the other consequences too; loss of business, revenue and reputation, as well as legal and compliance implications.

    Protecting your core systems from cyber attackers is a key step in your disaster recovery efforts.

    Pulsant Protect is a comprehensive security service that combines advanced technology, best-of-breed security tools, and threat intelligence. With a team of industry-certified security and compliance experts working 24/7 on threat detection and incident response, we can help you keep your data safe and secure, and your environment compliant. Pulsant Protect is designed to simplify the security of your high-value infrastructure and provide a strong level of protection within one solution.

Trusted to deliver by leading UK brands

We like to work with our customers as an extension of their team, implementing innovate and creative solutions to deliver performance.

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    “Pulsant could do everything we asked for, whether we invoked on a weekday or weekend, and they continue to deliver an exceptional and receptive service. They are definitely a company I would recommend to other businesses”

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    “We have a four-hour SLA with Pulsant, but with each test we’ve carried out our staff has been able to get to the site, log on to their systems and begin work in under an hour. The staff at the site are unbelievable — so accommodating, helpful and considerate”

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