Looking beyond 2018: the future of cyber security

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Cyber security is an international business priority. Organisations are investing heavily in measures to protect themselves, and national management frameworks like Cyber Essentials have been created to mitigate the threat of cyber attacks.

While all of this can help, the truth is that cyber security is an ongoing initiative that requires constant monitoring and management. Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, in line with continual advancements in technology and businesses must keep up.

With technologies like AI, machine learning and IoT advancing at pace, how might these impact the future of cyber security and how might you prepare for the changing face of cyber crime?

This is what our in-depth whitepaper, ‘Looking beyond 2018: the future of cyber security’, attempts to answer. Authored by Martin Lipka, Pulsant’s Head of Connectivity Architecture and resident cyber security expert, it also discusses:

  • The changing face of cyber crime
  • The profile of cyber attackers
  • How businesses can prepare for the future
  • How our Pulsant Protect solution can help your business

Enter your details on the right to download the whitepaper, and head to our Pulsant Protect page for more information on the solution.

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