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Hybrid IT – industry views, customer perceptions and the state of cloud

Hybrid IT

Cloud computing has come a long way since the days of early adoption. While organisations are still concerned by cost, security and choosing the right supplier, the main driver now is on reaping all the benefits that cloud has to offer. Of course this isn’t always easy — particularly with so many options, models and solutions to choose from.

And, increasingly, it’s no longer about choosing between public cloud, private cloud and colocation, but rather about using a combination of these models to optimise the benefits, minimise the cost and get the most out of your IT infrastructure.

Based on what our customers have been telling us and what we’ve experienced in the market, we’ve developed a whitepaper delving into this topic — hybrid IT.

We’ve stayed away from industry buzzwords as much as possible and have laid out our views on the hybrid IT landscape, customer perception, adoption and use of cloud, the role of colocation, and the ever-important subject of security.

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