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Business continuity, cloud and recovering from disaster: a look at Microsoft Azure Site Recovery

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Today we all live in a so-called data economy, where more than ever before we rely on this data and technology to help us grow and operate our businesses. As a result, business continuity is playing an ever-increasingly role in the long-term success of organisations. No company, large or small, can afford the cost of unplanned downtime, regardless of its cause. Therefore, developing a solid business continuity plan, incorporating aspects such as disaster recovery and backup, is a key consideration.

But with more companies relying on the cloud to handle various aspects of their operations, elements of business continuity are also being moved into the cloud. Disaster recovery as a service, for example, is a more flexible, cost-effective approach to keeping your business up and running during and after an event.

This whitepaper introduces Microsoft Azure Site Recovery, set against the backdrop of business continuity as a whole. For a more detailed view, please download the paper.

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