The State of IT Compliance – Exploring the attitudes and approaches to the compliance challenge

Compliance is an ever changing issue that organisations of all sizes, in all industries, are striving to understand. Importantly businesses are tackling it, despite encountering challenges, and many believe they are succeeding. But are they really as successful as they think?

Pulsant commissioned independent research into the state of IT compliance to find the answer and to understand the prevailing attitudes towards achieving and maintaining compliance, as well as the challenges that are inherent in the process.

We’ve put together this report which tackles these issues and sets out what IT decision makers, from CTOs and CIOs, to compliance managers are experiencing right now, specifically around:

  • The challenges related to achieving compliance
  • The barriers to and benefits of continuous compliance
  • The importance of being compliant and the disadvantages of non-compliance
  • The role of technology in managing compliance
  • How organisations can optimise their compliance journey

For more information on visit our continuous compliance page.

Alternatively, download the full report.

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