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Hybrid cloud: Solid foundation for future success

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The concept of hybrid cloud has been a popular topic of conversation in IT circles for the past few years. At the beginning of the cloud computing story discussions generally revolved around public versus private cloud options with the inevitable question of where colocation would fit into things. Over the last few years, as cloud has matured, applications diversified and users become more confident, hybrid cloud and the idea that business can, in fact, get the best of all worlds, has gained significant traction in the market.

There’s little doubt that public cloud, private cloud and existing on-premises or data centre infrastructure can co-exist individually as valid solutions. However, more and more, businesses are discovering that when cloud is involved a cookie-cutter approach isn’t helpful. Rather, CIOs and CTOs are seeking real value from combining different infrastructures into
a single solution and services portfolio. The ability to create a common ‘hybrid’ computing architecture can deliver better reliability, optimised performance and greater ROI.

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